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Decadent Descent
Karrmyn crept down the hallway slowly. The set house was covered by the ink of night save a sliver of light that spilled in from the adjacent living room. Stealthily using the balls of her feet to minimize her footfalls she traversed the dark hallway. Her slow approach allowed her eyes time to adjust to the minimal lighting. If the digital clock by her bedside was true it was somewhere around 3:30 am so the sounds of what she assumed could be a struggle had set her on edge. It had been barely over a month since she had met Angel and in that time there had been so much going on. First, him getting shot then his niece along with a war he apparently was hell-bent on setting into motion. It was all starting to seem overwhelming. Fearing that one of his enemies had some hoe slipped through the defenses the cop in her had to investigate. The Black Widow Knuckle Knives she held in each hand were kept low and tight to her side to minimize her profile in case someone popped out of the door. When she finally reached the entryway to Angel's room she noticed the door was closed. Karrmyn frowned. He almost never closed his door on those lonely nights she had found herself in his bed playing the little spoon or the butter knife depending if Kira had also found her way to his bed. Taking a second to steel herself Karrmyn pulled herself away from the door and leaned against the wall near the door jamb straining to make sense of the sounds that had jarred her awake. What had originally sounded like some kind of struggle had now become abundantly clear. The sound of the heavy bed frame hitting the wall mixed with the sound of skin slapping against skin accompanied by the grunts and the moans left little doubt of what was happening on the other side of the door. Karrmyn's face turned red as she envisioned what was probably taking place " Are they fucking without me? she said to herself. It was not like that had never happened but the door being closed was an indicator of privacy and it was an affront to what was her new normal. To be fair it made her feel left out. Karrmyn stood there ready to burst in and express her displeasure when it dawned on her that it was not Kiras moans of pleasure she was hearing. Karrmyn gripped the gun tighter her finger indexed on the side to prevent accidental discharge. " I should kill this motherfucker." she whispered in her native tongue. We don't need another chick in here she thought. That's when the pace and the intensity picked up all building to a beautiful crescendo of thumping and moans. Karrmyn had forgotten her anger for a second and a stream of wetness walked itself from her pussy in warm trail down her leg. What was happening to her? She had never shared a man knowingly before why was this a turn on and why him? she had dated wealthier more handsome men. Why was she putting up with his shit? " That dick," she answered herself. One hand on the doorknob she began to turn it when she felt resistance. Someone was turning it from the other side. Before she could step back the door swung inward and she was face to chest with a Totally nude Angel. Her heart skipped a beat. "Mine." was all she could think as his hazel eyes snapped to her face then went to the gun she held in her hand. It was like she could read his mind. In that fraction of a second when they had held each other's gaze he had weighed his options. karrmyn stood there pussy wet mouth open while he decided if she was a threat or not. When he moved past her and stalked his 7 ft nude frame towards the bathroom she realized she had allowed him to choose her fate and he wanted her alive. Karrmyn was confused. Why had she done that? Why hadn't she voiced her displeasure? Slowly her head turned as she looked at the woman lying in the bed and as the woman began to take form karrmyn's jaw dropped. They're covered in sweat with her breast still heaving and her shoulder still bandaged laid a naked Khloe. Wait a minute isn't that his niece? she thought. karrmyn stared as the young woman tried to gather her composure her pussy still thumping like it had a heartbeat as streams of cum oozed out of her in synch with her contractions. Karrmyn had been there before. she knew all too well what it was like to be taken over the edge again and again. She remembered the first time Angel had given her a 10 minute orgasm. Again and again, he had edged her until the point the pleasure was so intense she thought she was going to die. And just when she thought she couldn't take anymore she had the most violent and intense orgasm she had ever had before. She looked at the woman angel called his niece as she convulsed on the bed from aftershocks and decided she had been punished enough anything she had planned on saying could wait. With her right eye twitching and a snarl on her face, while talking to her self in Spanish, she retreats back to her room griping her blades tightly to contemplate her next move.
August 5, 2020 at 10:17 am
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