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Lou's Bar

By: Lillian C. Nyx (lillybass25 Resident)
TYPE: Official Business

BACKGROUND: Hathian is growing and as always things are changing. Rachell Vond having accepted the position of Chief of Staff at Hathian General Hospital, and because of the responsibility that comes with this role, Rachell will no longer be able to dedicate the needed time to running Lou’s. Being that Lilly is one of her Assistant Managers at Lou’s Bar, Rachell would like to promote Lilly to General Manager. This decision was based on the dedication that Lilly has put forth, thus providing evidence that she is fully capable of handling the responsibilities that come with the role of General Manager; i.e. maintaining a reliable staff, continuing to allow Lou’s to remain the number one drinking establish in Hathian, as well as providing an establishment that will help lead a positive impression on Hathian for all role-players alike. Lou’s has a reputation that it has been building for years, and being the General Manager; I would like to continue to represent what was been instilled into that business. There would be no changes to the name of the bar nor the atmosphere of the bar, due to its history and being family owned. With that being said, I would be interested in considering a remodel, adding decorations or change the layout. I have taken the time to ensure that Lilly is constantly tweeting specials throughout the week. In addition to continuing this habit, it is also in her best interest to draw more attention towards Lou’s. One may ask, how will she accomplish this? It is important to ensure that numerous events are scheduled in order for not only Lou’s to have attention, but for patron’s to enjoy their time at Lou’s while visiting or living in Hathian. Such events may consist of; trivia nights with booze prizes, costume themes for discounted drinks, game nights or even possibly bring back Lou’s famous fight night! Whatever steps Lilly has to take to ensure that everyone is enjoying Lou’s and wanting to revisit will be met! It is important for all the employees to know one another, as well as being informed on events, specials and any changes dealing with Lou’s. Lilly intends to arrange staff meetings and/or hangouts in order to assure that this is met by Lou’s employees, so everyone is prepared for positive RP. Lilly’s intentions are to continue to be present around the bar. It will be important for her to peek in often to ensure business is going swimmingly, as well as giving her staff a chance at getting to know her. This is of importance, because if there are ideas for Lou’s or if they have concerns, she would like all to be comfortable coming to her and speaking openly. Input from the staff is and will continue to be heavily encouraged.

UNIQUE: In order to maintain Lou’s as the best drink hole in town, it is important to reach out to not only its employees but to the community as well. It would please Lilly to get consumers in on the action! The idea would allow them to vote for specials, create weekly specials that would idolize a “patron of the week”, throwing beach-bashes or mixers in different locations around the city for staff and Hathian meet and greets. All of this and more to hopefully draw in the crowd at Lou’s Bar! Another idea is to pair Lou’s with other Hathian businesses to host events, or allowing Lou’s to sponsor events with the aid of Lou’s bartenders working as servers. Lilly has proven time and again, that she is fully capable of running a business, it is where Lilly has strived on a professional level. It is believed that patrons have been relatively impressed with the services that have been provided by the bartenders at Lou’s Bar. Lilly is motivated to gain more dedicated employees in order to assist her in providing events, such as trivia/game nights, in order to draw more guest into Lou’s, thus assisting its drive to become a booming success, and a well-known/respected establishment within Hathian City.

EXPERIENCE: I have always been a very dependable person in real life.I am always one to jump to aid those who are in need, being close friends or new acquaintances. I have an open door policy on life, by that I mean I allow anybody and everybody into my life, take in opinions of others before forming my own. I am also very much a realist though, and believe in keeping role play as close to real life as possible. I've been in several clinical supervisor positions in my short life, which has provided me the opportunity to guide and manage departments, for which I have been very effective in doing so. I have always been one to avoid drama. While I am a great mediator, I try to divert attention during scuffles, before it needs mediation at all. I believe that this will be a great opportunity for me to show my dedication to CD and help guide/influence great storylines in RP.

IDEAS: I love drawing attention to CD and RP in general. We all know how it feels to be a noob, and if it wasn't for someone reaching out to me on my first avatar and helping me find my way in RP, I probably wouldn't have lasted! I plan to reach out to new employees and offer them guidance, RP experience and help them develop storylines of their own if allowed. I know there are very experienced members involved in the business as well, and I will be asking the same of them.

OTHER: If I was approved I would like to hold the grand reopening using Lou's of course and blocking of a part of the street like a fair set up. I'd like to get a live performer for an hour, and a DJ for the remaining time. Incorporating other local businesses, I'd also like to have The Gein, Pie Hole and Jimmies set up food stands for those who attend, if the owners would agree to partake that is! There would be games of the drinking variety as well as a raffle at the end where one lucky citizen will have a drink created and named after them for a month and receive a certificate for a single night of free drinks for the patron and one person of their choice. I hope that my ideas above and my enthusiasm (it is there I swear lol) shows through in my proposal and I am given the opportunity to join as a business manager and hopeful lead! Thank you.

November 19, 2015 at 7:17 am
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