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Layli Feiri


As a former sim builder, I really like the build and all the attention paid to detail, it really creates a very immersive atmosphere and has enough variety to it that there is definitely a sense of traveling to areas that feel connected but logical in terms of socio-economical status.

Something I've been seeing lately with rented/tiered land is a lot of buildings that don't really fit certain areas where it does become a little jarring to that sense of immersion in the atmosphere of the place.  The scale of some of these make them a little hard to block out as some can be seen from the main town as they are essentially million dollar mansions.  The size of them combined with the cleanliness of the textures have definitely been something that contrasts the rest of some of the poorer areas of the sim.

Many times they do sort of go against what the covenant states as far as theme goes and at times height as well.  " Buildings must represent an URBAN, RURAL, DECAYED, or GRUNGE theme to with the modern-day and woods setting. (i.e. weathered buildings, wooden structures, rustic manors, warehouses, cabins, etc.)"

Now I know that the fairly unique way the sim does land is a big part of being able to keep it all going so I understand that every one of these people nice enough to support the sim are valued.  I also know Nadir is a very busy guy and it likely becomes quite difficult to keep up with.  My initial thought is often "Well if they want a mansion they should either be in the areas designated (ie I believe Batterie is supposed be?) a wealthier community or rent off sim" but at the same time I know the revenue is important.

So my suggestion is to maybe have someone who is aware of the themes for the different areas try to work with renters who may be going against the theme to politely let them know what may not fit and possibly even suggest alternatives if they have some inclination as to what the tenant is looking for and may know something comparable that would better fit the sims themes.

Maybe other ideas are better, but just a thought as I know there are a few others who have mentioned having similar feelings about some of the mega-million mansions.  Hope nobody takes personally, I could be a bit OCD on visual continuity and am not trying to single anyone out.

January 19, 2023 at 4:56 pm
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yummy tamale


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January 19, 2023 at 7:53 pm
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