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I’ve updated the way new topics or topics with new replies appear on the forums; they are a lot more visible than before. I’ve also added the same indicator on the forum index page to show which forums have new topics. However, there is a bug I’m still trying to resolve; on the forum index, any forum associated to a site group (listed here: […] View

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Hathian Police Guide

Known as “the Den’s largest gang,” the Hathian Police Department (HPD) is the true embodiment of the word corrupt. On one side of the coin, there is the few born with an incorruptible sense of honor and duty that gets just enough policing done to make it too much work for any sort of federal investigation. On the other more prevalent side is the dark-souled brothers and sisters of the badge who through controlled chaos and ruthless tactics keep the rival gangs at bay, preventing the city from falling into complete hell… all while keeping their pockets lined. The HPD Officer Handbook is written in an OOC format, but contains vital in-character information needed for daily role-plays. This is not a “How To” manual, but rather a guide with a few basic rules to adhere to. If you have questions, refer to your supervising officer or leave a message for your Captain, Walter Bishop. Above all else, remember to enjoy your time as a member of the HPD in your role-play. Navigate: Charter The Basics Weapons Vehicle Ranks, Roles & Responsibilities Special Duties & Designations Front Desk Duties Promotions Systems Roster Bad Cop vs Good Cop Radio Dispatch Writing Report (Arrest / Incident) Writing Citation Issue APB Warrants Case Assignment & Investigations Police Records Payment Collection (Bail / Citation Fines) Task Force Medals Application Process Onboarding & Training Communication Conducting Arrests Charter The police department is at the heart of the criminal role-play in Hathian. Since many policing role-play features […]

December 28, 2015 July 11, 2016
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