Summary of Call:

Approximately 7pm, Friday, November 26, a radio call came in for medical support. Upon arriving at the scene, a female, approximately late teens early twenties was found on the sidewalk with bruises and trouble breathing. After administering oxygen and cortisone, patients status improved drastically. Patient claims she was attacked by a male, late thirties, but was able to get away from him.After coaxing, patient was taken to HGH for an exam and photo's of bruises of alleged assault. Officer Briana Danube, Fire Chief Rog Messmer and Fire Captain Jessi Noel attending.

Call received: 7pmish
Arrived on Scene:7:20 pmish
Officers Attending: HPD Officer Briana Danube, Fire Chief Rog Messmer, Fire Captain Jessi Noel
Patient Status: superficial bruising, trouble breathing.
Course Administered: Oxygen, cortisone
Transport to HGH:8 pmish
Return to FDH:815 pmsih

(times are approximates, will edit when i can find the actual times)