Worker Name: Percival Alexander Lennox (drakewoods18)

Child's name: Velora Nicole (vexahliaryane)

Age: 5

Biological Parents: Unknown

Date of Report: 01/24/21

Information: Velora was found unsupervised hiding out in the graveyard after receiving a call (by an NPC) that she was hiding out there all alone. Velora said that she wasn't supposed to talk to strangers and a woman came in the graveyard and tried to scare the child off. As she tried to climb over the fence I managed to pick her up and took her to the hospital. She was in distress because she thought she was being 'kidnapped' even after I explained that I was taking her there to make sure she wasn't injured and that we could find her family or who she was staying with if she was in the system. Once at the hospital she was checked up by Doctor Jenna Tobias who also called for an officer. She spoke to Velora and calmed her down as we waited for the officer to arrive.  Velora let her know that she is living with Skye, Jimmy, Cherry, Levi and someone who she called grumpy pants. Officer Morgan came I explained what happened and he talked to Velora as well. While we were not able to get a hold of who Velora was staying with, Officer Morgan knew who Velora was living with and where they lived and took her home.


Follow up: Will follow up with Officer Morgan and Speak to Velora's guardians