Background: Chloe Garcia ((trouble.carnell)) ran away from her foster family due to abuse and was living on the streets when she met Jamal Wrath. The two developed a bond, and she started to trust him. Wrath asked if he could be Chloe's foster parent.

The current situation: I took Ms. Garcia into custody as a runaway and immediately placed her with Wrath. I then informed her previous social worker of her whereabouts.

Background check:

Jamal Wrath has no police record.

Chloe Garcia has no record.

References include:

Asia Banu

Sofia Vyper

Teddy Twumasi

Education: Ms. Garcia has issues that prohibit her from attending a brick and mortar school. Arrangements are being made for her to attend an online school.

Home visit:

Adequate sleeping space: Ms. Garcia has her own  room.

Discipline policy: Mr. Wrath's current method of discipline is to talk about things, while providing structure and balance.

Fire, health, and safety inspections: Clear

CPR/First Aid Certification: Valid

TB testing for household members: Done

Next: Mr. Wrath will be given a booklet on HCS' policy on discipline. He will be required to attend parenting classes twice a month. HCS will check in with the family once a month ((All will be off screen/FTB)).