Whilst visiting an address for an absconder on an unrelated case file I encountered Prudence Harper.

The visit was an unannounced 6am house call to a coastal address in the Batterie.

Prudence opened the door in her robe having clearly only just woken up and having been sleeping there.

She allowed me to enter and we shared coffee while we chatted, all the signs showed that she knew the address well and where everything was within the address.

Eventually she admitted that while she was still resident with her attorney in fact she now owns this address and vaguely suggested that she used it to do "things" that she didn't want Claire to see at her home. Prudence also confirmed that she planned to move to this address in the future, which will entail a change of address on the supervision order paperwork.

During the visit Prudence appeared to be in some pain suggesting an injury to her side, although I did not receive any confirmation I would be surprised if she had not recently been stabbed, slashed, or shot. Checks with Healthcare are recommended for follow up care and therapy. A correctional overview or police cruiser patrol may also be an idea to see what the address is used for in reality.

Monica Blackwood

CS Probation Officer