"Anarchy 101" invites students to explore the fundamental principles of anarchy, from decentralized governance to voluntary cooperation. Engage in lively discussions, interactive activities, and deep dives into historical movements. Discover how trust, accountability, and mutual respect form the bedrock of an anarchist society. Whether you're a seasoned activist or a curious newcomer, this class provides a stimulating space to unravel the complexities of anarchy. All students are welcome to join this enlightening journey into a world without imposed authority.

Pre-Christmas Trimester: Foundations of Anarchy

- Understanding anarchy's core principles.
- Historical roots of anarchist thought.
- Anarchy's place in contemporary society.
- Deep dive into different schools of anarchist thought.
- Exploration of anarcho-communism, mutualism, and more.
- Comparing and contrasting their ideologies.

By Christmas, students will have gained a foundational understanding of anarchy, including its history and various schools of thought. This knowledge serves as a strong basis for further exploration in the next part of the course.

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