Rushing Events for Columtreal University, August 8 - 14


Place: Alpha Sigma Zeta House, Black Bottom




Monday 8/8/22 1:30- 2:30 pm Cheerleaders and their boyfriends.

Cheerleaders should bring their current and previous boyfriends.; there will be a prise to the cheerleader who brings the most.. If there are enough cheerleaders, we will invite them to perform on the lawn.. Boyfriends should wear something cuddly. Cheerleaders will get to vote for the cuddliest looking guy. The winners get to cuddle on the Couch in the fraternity house..


Tuesday 8/9/22, 1:30-2:30 pm. Nerds and Professors. Although the ASZ House is noted for being a Jock house, or even an Animal House, we definitely are recruiting nerds. How are we going to keep the grade point average of the house up and avoid being put on probation? Nerds should feel no pressure .Come as you are, wear what yoiu like, bring your lap top, wear glasses, anything. There will be a prize for the nerdiest looking student..To make you feel comfortable and to show you that ASZ is really a serious academic house, we are inviting the professors to come to this party. There will be a trivia quiz and a prize for the winner.


Weds. 8/10/22, 2:00-3:00: Jocks, Coaches, and Cheerleaders. ASZ prides itself on being the primary Jock House on campus.. Come wearing a team uniform, if you have one, or at least an athletic looking sweatshirt.. Coaches will have the opportunity to talk with some of the finest young athletes in the country. and you can encourage them to join your team. If there are enough cheerleaders, we will ask them to perform for the athletes and coaches to encourage them as they plan for a great fall season.


Thurs.,8/11/22.  2:00 - 3:00 pm: BIX Boyfriends. We invite the BIX Sorority to come with their boyfriends for a semi-formal afternoon tea dance  This is a ladies choice party. No unaccompanied men will be allowed unless they are ASZ brothers or pledges.


Fri. 8/12/22, 1:30-2:30  Faculty Reception:The whole faculty and administrators of Columtreal are invited to be our guests for summer cocktails and hors d'oeuvres on the lawn. Prospective pledges are invited to come and help serve drinks and food. We want to make a good impression on the faculty.


Sat. 8/13/22 1:30-2:30: Gay Men. Although ASZ began as a gay frat at St. Lev's, it is now predominantly straight. nevertheless, we are inclusive and we do have and will welcome gay brothers. This day is yours to rush the fraternity in the style you like. Please come and feel comfortable with being and acting gay in this house. There will be a prize for the best dressed man. No women are invited. sorry!


Sun. 8/14/22 1:30 - 3:30  Pledge Meeting.  This will be a meeting of pledges and their big Brothers. Pledges will be given their pledge pins, if they don't already have them. Each pledge will be assigned a Big Brother and will be given a wooden hazing paddle to personalize for your big brother and to be given to him at your initiation. The individual requirements and the group requirements for the pledge class will be outlined. All pledges will be assigned a bunk bed in the house.