Faction Fight Night

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Sat, Aug 20 @ 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

The fight night will have a simple structure for the sim event. Factions will be instructed to bring their champions to the event location 1-2 hours BEFORE the main event start time, so they can be properly assessed / caged / dressed / drugged etc., whatever.

All faction champions will be put into a randomizer and the first match will begin with 2 of the champions squaring off. Each fight will go up to 3 rounds of combat, and we will be using dice for fairness and quickness. IC’ly, the loser of the match will then be auctioned off immediately upon losing to the highest bidder (these must be realistic bids, folks. No ‘i bid 1 million dollars!’. Bids should start at 50$ and go up to 10k (in extreme cases). Anyone bidding more than 10k will be IC’ly thought of as crazy etc., and the bid ignored. Remember, Hathian is a POOR town that to MOST folk in the town, 10k might as well be a million dollars, as it would be life changing. So, let’s try to keep things in theme.

There will be 3-5 main fights depending on how many participants we get for champions. In the event we don’t get enough participants with each faction only having 1 champion, we’ll allow each participating champion to bring a second champion, or individuals that aren’t an official faction to volunteer or bring their own fighter. But only if we get less than 4 champions.

The loser of each fight will be given to the highest bidder for up to 48 hours of captive roleplay. The victim/loser’s player will set the RP limits for that situation, and it should be respected. However, keep in mind this is a grimdark rape sim, based on hyper violent street gangs and brutal situations IC. So, try not to participate if you refuse to have ANY permanent or lasting damage caused at all. Of course, the person bidding on your char could easily just want to take you on a date or release you / save you. So, keep that in mind as well!

After the main fights are over, a SURPRISE fight will be announced to wrap up the event. This will be a secret shocker surprise fight and should be a real fun RP to be part of.

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