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I'm going to share with the community what I am looking for. I am looking for a few good career inmates. Someone that is there to stay and not looking to escape. People who are committed to helping the prison get off the ground and understand that prison roleplay is fun and inventive. Its not just torture or sex. We have those things available but we also have people at the prison wanting other types of roleplay and I need experienced or at least good roleplayers interested in Orange is the New Black or Oz. I'm looking for lifers with no possibility of parole type players. Inside gang leaders. I'd like three unofficial gang leaders to be these 'career inmates'. These individuals must be able to facilitate prison roleplay for their 'gang' within the prison and understand the balance of prison life.

I would like to discuss this. We have a shortage of prisoners in CD. I come to the forum because if your current character cannot do it. Lets discuss roling a part time career prisoner that you are willing to devote some time, effort and creativity into.

Do not assume you know the warden character. She is multi-faceted and although skilled in torture tactics that is not the extent of her interests or roleplay. Thanks for reading.

TLDR: Sydney is looking for a few career inmates who understand or are willing to learn how to do prison roleplay because its not just torture and rape. Its intimidation, fear, power, powerlessness, fucked up compromises and mind fucks.

November 17, 2023 at 1:38 am
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