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Nadir Taov


After observing the roll out of the new tagging and the renewed interest in Gang activity, I rolled out a number of of updates to the tagging system.

  1. Smaller Gangs Earn Faster - Accruing "cred cash", used to trade in for a spray can at the hardware store, happens at a rate in accordance with the size of the gang. Smaller gangs will accrue cash faster than larger gangs. This is designed to help smaller factions keep up with the larger ones while they grow.
  2. "Last Tagged..." - When clicking on a tagged wall, the dialog box will end with who tagged the wall and when they did it. As part of a new etiquette, I've asked gang leaders to encourage their recruits to avoid spraying over freshly tagged walls to make the experience a little more fun for all parties involved. I didn't build in this limit primarily because I want to leave it up to the gangs in case there was an agreed-upon turf war in which that rate may be a lot more frequent than most.

What's next with cred cash and tagging?

  • Drug Trafficking - instead of cans, gangs can cash in their cred for various drugs they can then traffic. All players can consume the individual drug for some fun RP and building upon their own story.
  • More Walls - I will be rolling out more taggable walls across all CD sims following the launch of the all-new university campus soon.
  • Leaderboards - tagging is a way to monitor the activity of gangs over time; as activity wanes, we will decommission old gangs and make room for new ones. Making the activity as transparent as possible, from our website to the rosters, will be key to helping us govern this better.

Remember, the ultimate goal of any new feature that is rolled out is to instigate role-play between players and promote stories. Stay tuned for even more new features to be announced soon.


February 17, 2022 at 3:06 pm
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February 18, 2022 at 11:44 am
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