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After immigrating to the US in the early 00s to open their own business, Mona's family ended up broke and stranded in Hathian. With no customers, no business, and no money to leave, Mona found herself growing up surrounded by poverty and tragedy. Between her parents' rocky and and changing relationship throughout her childhood, one would certainly expect trauma, and maybe it's there under the surface. Over the ears, the rest of her family--two fathers, her mother, and her two sisters--all left Hathian to pursue normal lives in other states, but happy-go-lucky Mona remained.

She is, by nature, quite light-spirited and easygoing, allowing very little to truly bother her, preferring to lead life simply and cheerfully, and despite her strong sense of social justice, when it comes down to it, she'll tolerate some pretty godawful behaviour towards herself if the money's good enough.

Despite this, she is capable of putting up a fight if it's truly needed, and she can pack quite a punch in a fist or knife fight, but if it comes down firearms, her own moral compass doesn't allow her to carry one, so she would find herself at a disadvantage and have to rely on her intelligence instead.

She's quite shrewd and surprisingly well-educated. She frequently uses this to manipulate others into doing as she desires. She's not malicious, per say, but she uses her beauty and charisma often to ease her day-to-day.

Mona doesn't look to work hard. She has no ambitions or dream job, and would rather make ends meet and have fun. Unsurprisingly, she works a dead end job at the Masterbates Motel.

Equally unsurprising is her side hustle of selling her body for cash. From phone sex to lap dances to full service, she'll do it all. She takes pride in providing a no-frills sensual experience for clientele of all genders, shapes, and sizes from all walks of life, with a lips sealed policy of steel. What happens at Masterbates, stays at Masterbates.



  • Family immigrated to US, and Hathian, in the early 00s
  • They lost their business and savings
  • Mona remained in the city and works at Masterbates Motel
  • She does sex work on the side
  • Prefers to live life simply and cheerfully
  • Intelligent and manipulative, though not malicious
  • Strong sense of social justice, but prone to being pretty lenient about how people treat her if the money's good


If you think Mona sounds interesting but aren't sure how to get in on the story, here's some of the kinds of plots and relationships I am looking for. Please note that I prefer character-driven roleplay, and that if you're looking for something action-heavy, I am just not your gal. Also, I do a lot of other things on SL, so just because we are both online doesn't mean I will be coming to the sim. Please respect my time. Generally speaking, if I am on-sim, I am open for RP. Otherwise, I am busy with something else.

Feel free to contact me here or in-game.

  1.  Clients. I am always going to be looking for clientele for her side hustle as a sex worker. She does escort, massage, full service, lap dance, girlfriend experiences and more. She also offers cuddles, companionship, and more. As long as the money's good, she's happy. I have experience both in SL and RL as a sex worker, so you can expect a certain degree of realism, but I don't require you to have any knowledge yourself. (No real money or $L necessary)
  2. Friends. Mona grew up in Hathian and has been living there for most of her life. It makes sense she'd have friends or friendly acquaintances around the city. Since she's also prone to turning a blind eye, as long as you're not beating people up in front of her, you don't necessarily need to be a good person to be a good friend.
  3. Trouble. Well, the roleplay is called "Crack Den." Trouble is inevitable, but where Mona is concerned, anyone who takes things a little too far gets kicked to the curb. Well, maybe someone disagrees with their being ousted from her life. Personal conflict, harassment, ex-friends, ex-lovers, ex-clients. I would only ask that you can remain civil OOC.
February 19, 2023 at 12:11 pm
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