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Dante Leone
Age 25

Dante is a handsome young man who looks like he’s been through a fair amount of trauma in his life. He ran away from home by the age of 15 to escape a father who was both physically and mentally abusive to him and his mother, whom he had to leave behind. (And whom he might come to find again sometime in his future) He made ends meat on the streets selling drugs and bits of information he overheard in his dealings to various gangs. He's gotten into various fights to defend himself and to survive on his own. His tone is naturally aloof and calm, but is more outgoing and comical once you get to know him. He’s generally laid back and opens up with a few drinks, and on occasion harder drugs. He’s more of a lover than a fighter, but has been known not to back down from a fight when challenged, threatened, or protecting someone he cares about, hence the scars that decorate his body that he has to show for it. He is a fierce and loyal fighter, and has been compared to a “dog” for various reasons because of it, and has a sexual appetite of such as well.

Physical Description:
Dante is a tall fair-skinned male with a lean, muscular build. Brown, feathered hair tops his head with matching, full eyebrows. He has greyish-green eyes and a distinct scar under the right one and various others on his chest and abdomen. He has facial piercings on the bridge of his nose, his septum, his lip, and small plugs in his ears. He also has various tattoos ranging along his neck, chest, back, down his arms, and on his hands. He has no injuries that require mentioning other than the aforementioned scars from various fights and other scuffles that involved weapons.

RP Preference:
Dante's a straight switch-role male, but is known to go for women who are packing too. No men.  Attracted to maturity and intelligence, spine and authority. Pushovers and overly timid girls aren’t his thing. Harder and extreme kinks are welcomed.

December 1, 2023 at 3:51 am
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December 2, 2023 at 2:34 am
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