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sloaneldritch resident


Maze Mayhem

Originally from So.California now residing in Laveau

Born 03/12/1979

Age 44


Height 5'3"

Weight 115 lbs.

Hair color: White

Eyes: Green

Parents died in a tragic house fire when she was 18.  Dropped out of college her junior year to persue her interest in tattooing while also working whatever jobs she could to make ends meet.  Has been known to run with a more unsavory crowd, using and dealing various drugs. Prone to fighting and is never without at very least a knife.  Definitely a prime example of antisocial personality disorder with tendencies toward psychopathy.  Highly intelligent with a volitile personality and prone to violence. Irish, Italian and Mexican heritage with the temper to match.

♦ Always carries her phone, a knife, no more than $50 cash max, weed and/or smokes.  On some sims carries a gun

♦ Not your typical hedonist...I take pleasure in things that would frighten most. There's a reason I get called Monster.

♦ Usually knows more about...anything... than she lets on.

♦ Always thinking, watching, planning and/or plotting.

♦ Fiercely loyal and protective of those she's  deemed worthy.

♦ Has bigger balls than most men, so if you come... come correct.


January 7, 2024 at 12:21 pm
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knox mcgregor


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January 7, 2024 at 12:44 pm
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