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Hi all. I've tried a character or two on this alt through the years but never really found one I've been partial to or that has stuck, till now. Perhaps because I've stemmed from my main OG character's story, it gives me that familiar spark I had with her, who knows.

Without further ado, Miss Hope Lockhart:

Hope was born twenty years ago at HGH. Her father had passed while she was still in the womb, thus Hope's mother panicked and didn't want the dangerous life for her here in Hathian. Why didn't she leave and go back to NY with Hope rather than leave the baby orphaned? She doesn't understand. What is so special, or important about this shitty podunk town that her mother just had to stay in it?

Now college-age and attempting to figure out who she is in this world, Hope has returned to her birthplace in search of answers. Maybe, just maybe she can work through the trauma of having been abandoned by the one person who biologically was supposed to have an undying love for her. What was supposed to be a short, week-long trip in search of answers has now prolonged into at least the summer as she, herself, has now begun to feel the almost unworldly pull that Hathian seems to have to its citizens, sucking them in.

нoρε ℓoςкнαят (fortheloveofwar) looked between each eye, then up to his brow as it furrowed and a concerned look plagued her for a moment trying to decipher what he was feeling. The woman was about to panic till his body wrapped around her tight, giving the tight compression her nervous system needed before she had the chance to let anxiety get the best of her. His word, simple but the tone in which he said it in mixed with the body language struck a chord in her soul. And just like that, the piece of the puzzle she'd been missing clicked into place and was complete. Was he her puzzle piece? Well maybe, but this wasn't the puzzle she'd been searching for, no this completed masterpiece was of her mother. What if-- something had struck her mother's soul so deeply. What if there was a pulling so strongly she just -had- to stay here and didn't have a choice. Finally, the decision resonated with Hope, and there was a part of her she'd held onto so bitterly that could finally let go. The resentment for her mother's choices could no longer be judged, because she had now made a decision that just... -flowed-. Simultaneously yet unaware, they both had their quiet moment within and a single tear welled up in the corner of her eye, though she'd try to not blink and release it. This emotion was beyond the scope of their relationship and something much deeper, yet at the same time it was deepening them and the possibility of who they could be together. "Sometimes we just have to roll with the universe, and play the entire song from start to finish, right?" said softly, cheek still resting upon his chest.

I am always down, for any type of scene. Please feel free to approach me IC, or reach out in IMs if you'd like our stories to intertwine. I am looking for character-building storylines, but of course, day-to-day interactions are always welcomed!

Hope is a law student at NYU (Likely transferring to CU this fall depending on where the story takes her) and I currently have her as a Parrellegal with Civil Services interning this summer for an NPC Public Defender. In trouble with the law? Going through a divorce or custody battle? Come find her!

I look forward to writing with you all again, meeting the newer residents, and embarking on these new, compelling chapters.

-Fortheloveofwar Resident, Hope Lockhart





June 16, 2021 at 2:32 pm
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June 16, 2021 at 3:33 pm
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July 4, 2021 at 7:16 pm
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