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Name: Kiera, also goes by "ki" or "kiki"

Age: 35

height: 5'5ish

weight: 140-150

notable scars/marks: deep, slightly puckered scar on the left side of her belly, very light scars down her back, light 'claw mark' scars around her hips Waning/waxing moon tattoo down her spine

you may know her if: Kiera has bounced around several states, the longest she's stayed was California before getting bored and dipping out once again. She's done some underground Sado-maso pornography when she was fifteen years younger and sixty pounds lighter but she could *possibly* be recognized from a video still floating around, and has a now rarely updated. It is possible you could have been an inmate in the Logan correctional center. Kiera is always patching someone up or giving them whatever food or shelter she can, though she's pretty basic in terms of looks so might not be super memorable.

backstoryish:  Kiera grew up in a religious backwater-type trailer park community somewhere in Iowa by the Mississippi, Not exactly the best situation for a young, queer schizophrenic, but she made do until she could dip out at sixteen, where she got her treasured van, Obtained her GED, became a CNA and then an LPN, all by time she was nineteen.


Unfortunately, Kiera found that someone who was both a cop and using a certain "kink" she was interested in to scratch an itch, and that itch was not scratched enough by adults, so he turned to his daughter, who Kiera treated. So, Kiera got into her cutest littles gear, went on a date, and then stabbed the cop several times in both the face and the groin with a pair of med shears.

Of course, this earned her a pretty severe beatdown and a trip to a womans prison for a few years, Kiera already had addiction issues, but with what she figured her license gone and life ruined, she lift fast, there wasn't a drug she wouldn't take at least once and she bounced around to any woman, vaguely woman shaped man or person of questionable gender with a hint of daddy energy (and sometimes, meth), at least until an old frienemy with connections she would never have ~agressively mothered~ her back to health

Though she still has an addiction to weed, caffeine, coke, sex, handsome girls, pretty boys,  and hot  people of unknown  gender, she has 'grown up' so to speak, She's learned how to *mostly* ignore the "shadows" though sometimes they get the best of her. Got herself a scholorship for felons and is going back to school to get her nursing degree.

*and* find an alligator to befriend!


February 8, 2024 at 9:21 am
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