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((This will begin a series of posts. They will read as though you are the viewer at the other side of the screen. You just clicked a link while browsing the Dark Web for some particularly nasty content. That's where I come in. Enjoy.))

The video starts in what seems to be a room with logs for the walls and floor but you can only just barely make out the creases between each log. The room is lit by a single light dangling above a very large, muscular, man wearing a black hood with only the eyeholes cut out of it and a black t-shirt that reads : "They will pay for their sins" in red  silk-screened font that drips downward as if it were written in blood. The man's eyes are pure white. The man doesn't say a word as the screen then cuts erratically using a static tv transitioning to a scene of a man in a bath tub filled with blood. The man is missing his arms and his innards are floating in the blood, which was at one point bath water. The screen makes another erratic static tv transition to the same man in the same tub, but now his hands are nailed to a sign hanging off the side of the tub. The sign reads : "Thou Shalt Not Harm." Again the screen transitions, now to the severed head of three women. Each with signs nailed to their foreheads. The camera struggles to focus in on the first head as the camera shakes awkwardly. Once the camera finally comes into focus, we see the severed head of a blonde woman who is missing her eyes. The holes in her head show signs that they were not removed, rather stabbed with something cylindrical but small in diameter. Possibly a screwdriver or icepick. The sign nailed to her head reads : "See no evil." The camera then pans to the next head in the same awkward and staggered fashion to a woman with dyed blue hair and facial tattoos. One of an upside down cross on her left cheek, the word 'playful' following the curves of her right eyebrow, and a teardrop just at the side of her right eye. Her ears have been torn from her body, judging by the way there were bits of cartilage still poking through jaggedly split chunks of flesh at each side of her head. The sign nailed to her head reads : "Hear no evil." The camera again pans over to the head of a woman with black hair and make-up still done. Her mascara was leaking down her cheeks as if she had been crying, eyes widened in terror, but her mouth crudely stitched shut. The sign nailed to her head reads : "Speak no evil." The camera transitions again to what seems to be a public kidnapping. A woman is seen leaving HPD station with an envelope in her hand. The cameraman is obviously at a good distance as he has to zoom in for a moment to get a good shot of the aforementioned. She walks to the end of the block just before Gein Burger as the cameraman is heard chuckling softly. She pauses for a moment as two large men in all black are seen coming up the opposite side of the block, heading toward her slowly. Suddenly, a black van comes barreling past them and screeches to a halt in front of the woman who can now no longer be seen. Footsteps are heard as the cameraman begins to run toward the van. As the cameraman approaches the van, a scream is heard as the two men are seen pulling the woman into the van and one strikes her on the head with a pipe hard enough to hear an audible splat sound as blood spatters on the wall of the van behind them. "GOTCHA BITCH!" The cameraman hollers before the video transitions to a still photo of the two men holding up the woman seen in the last video by her hair. She is naked and has a pair of stockings wrapped around her neck, her entire head turned blue and covered in blood from being beaten, her eyes lifeless. Around her neck dangled a sign that was strung up by razor wire and very obviously stuck in her flesh. The sign read : "Trafficker". The camera transitioned yet again, this time back to the hooded man from the beginning of the video standing beneath a single light bulb on a string. The man spoke in a distorted voice :

"We are judge and jury. I am the executioner. Mr. Nasty will bring you the best gore featuring the most deserving of cast members. Those who always seem to slip beneath the cracks, those who think they are above judgement, those who the law fails to remove from society. We bring them before the jury of the public and we give them exactly what they deserve. You can call me Mr. Nasty and I? Am here for you."

The video transitions one final time to the view of the cameraman dropping the camera to his feet, which manages to perfectly capture the view of a man tied to a tree. The man is wearing a suit and tie, he is screaming in panic, he is begging for his life. "No...NO! PLEASE! I CAN PAY YOU ANYTHING! I CAN GET YOU ANY GIRL IN HATHIAN YOU WANT! PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!!" The sound of a chainsaw revving up can be heard as it tears into the man's flesh and he lets out a shriek.  The video ends as the camera is coated in his blood and the viewer cannot see anymore.

March 5, 2024 at 6:45 pm
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