Positions within Hathian General Hospital

Hathian General Hospital’s Docs Positions within Hathian General Hospital

General Staff: This role is designed for those seeking to role play at the hospital in a non-medical fashion. This role can encompass many individual roles in the hospital ranging from candy striper, security, and receptionist.

Nurse I: This position is the entry level for nurses. This can be anyone holding a CNA license and up. Constantly overworked and under-appreciated, nurses tend to be the backbone of a medical setting. They do everything from checking vitals to triaging patients and are known to do a lot of work that the doctor does; often without the credit and glory. Nurses possess a strong desire to take care of their patients although doctors get all the credit!

Nurse Practitioner: This role is generally reserved for those experienced nurses that have really endured the struggles and hardships of the role. They’ve done it all at this point and now, they are expected to do even more. Nurse practitioners can do just about everything a doctor does. They can prescribe medications and examine patients for acute illnesses. Psychiatric nurse practitioners even diagnose and treat minor mental illnesses! Who in Hathian doesn’t have one of those?

Intern: Ah, you’ve just been hired as an intern at Hathian General Hospital. What a future awaits you in this coveted role! Interns are the grunts of the medical field. Most interns make minimum wage on average. They don’t do it for the money though! It’s all about learning and earning their place at this point. Interns (medical and psych) are often found working long hours trying to take care of their patients while also working under the careful eye of an attending physician. Interns are prone to making mistakes and aren’t expected to be perfect. Don’t be afraid to make a few mistakes along the way and have fun in this role! All physicians and psychiatrists start here!

Physician: So, you survived being an intern! Bravo! Now you are an attending physician. You’ve made it and that medical degree is finally earning you a little more money. Of course, just because you are an attending doesn’t mean you aren’t still learning. Medicine is an ever-changing field requiring lots of study and research. Physicians are seen working all over the hospital at Hathian General. Some may opt to specialize in one field, but an ongoing staff shortage means that Neurology specialty isn’t the only thing you’ll be good at. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself delivering babies or performing open heart surgery! Make time to get a cup of coffee between the long shifts and paper work. You’ve earned the coffee break with all your hard work!

Psychiatrist: So, you’ve been promoted from intern and now are stuck downstairs, exploring the mysteries of the mind! As you have surely noticed by now, Hathian has no shortage of crazies and you will find yourself quite busy trying to contain them. Of course, the staff shortages at times mean you are also upstairs working in the ER or delivering babies, but what the hell? You went to medical school. May as well practice! Remember, just because the psych unit is beside the morgue, it does not give you permission to play dress up with the cadavers!

Senior Physician: Finally, all this hard work, sweat and blood (your’s and patient’s) has paid off. The hospital has recognized you as one of their senior staff members! A senior physician holds no real power in the hospital. They are people that have put in the time and energy to be considered “experienced”. This is someone to look up to and learn from! If you see one wandering around, go up and ask them for advice. Learn from them! Pick their brains! (Again, not literally. Picking someone’s brain out of their skull is not recommended.) Senior Physician is an esteemed position much like that of a tenured professor. Congrats on the accomplishment!

Medical Examiner:

Chief of Staff: (Currently Dr. James Matfield)

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