Rental Units Availability

We do not take reservations. Contact current tenants of overdue properties listed below. All current residents have 3 day grace period before auto-eviction. Units with 0 days left will become available within 24 hours.

Status Property Region Price Teleport Updated
Bayou Cottage #02 Rougarou L$375/wk Teleport 6 hrs ago
Dorm Room #011 Black Bottom L$250/wk Teleport 6 hrs ago
Greek Row #17 Black Bottom L$375/wk Teleport 7 hrs ago
CD OOC Vendor Hathian L$1000/wk Teleport 2 yrs ago
CD Projects Unit #12 Hathian L$850/wk Teleport 2 wks ago
Crack Home #7 Vodou L$850/wk Teleport 5 hrs ago
D8 Store #102 District 8 L$400/wk Teleport 1 mo ago
Shotgun Home #300 Black Bottom L$350/wk Teleport 7 hrs ago

Vehicle Permit Availability

Special perks are offered for those who wish to support the sim and the costs to run it! You can drive your own vehicle on the Crack Den Estate by renting a vehicle permit! Note, there is a very limited number of them available.

Status Property Region Price Updated
1 Days Left
Vehicle Permit Hathian L$850/wk 6 hrs ago

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