Hathian General Hospital Handbook

Hathian General Hospital’s Docs Hathian General Hospital Handbook

Congratulations!! You have chosen to work in Hathian General Hospital. This Handbook should serve as a very good starting point for all staff members from Volunteers to Senior Physicians. It is our hope that the information contained within helps to get you acquainted with and inspires your role within HGH. Get to know the other staff members; everyone was new once and will be willing to help. Any further questions you may have can be directed to either of the current HGH Chief of Staff, James Matfield.

Additionally, you are invited to get in touch with one of the current leads at your earliest convenience to discuss your goals and specialties. Doing so also ensures that you are in the system properly and added to the Municipal Network, a group that allows HPD, FDH, and HGH staff to communicate with one another.

We will try to provide you with both OOC and IC information as it pertains to Medical Roleplay. Always remember, when in doubt, Google is your best friend. WebMD can also be a valuable resource for symptoms, treatments, and drug facts.

Medical Admission Procedures & Patient Charts
General Medical Guide
Positions Available within Hathian General Hospital

We have tried to keep the rules simple. We don’t want to discourage any type of roleplay you partake in within HGH, instead hoping to inspire fun, but realistic, operations within a Medical Center in a very dark town.

1. Staff at all times represent HGH: This includes off duty, outside of the hospital. Good or otherwise, your off duty actions can have IC consequences that affect your career.
2. ALL staff must be members of the following: CD Citizens, CD Municipal Network, Crack Den Roleplay, and may be a member of Crack Den OOC.
3. There is currently no restriction on being a member of any outside department other than HPD. Any other affiliations such as with Factions are on a ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy. Remember: your career is at stake!
4. All staff must wear an official HGH group tag while on duty. While off duty, there is a tag for that if desired.
5. All staff must be in appropriate dress code while on duty. They cannot perform medical duties while off-duty in HGH.
6. Medications: All medications are locked up. It is nearly impossible for someone to have unrestricted access to the them. Access to the Pharmacy is much like any other highly restricted area of the hospital. It will require a key card and PIN to gain access. Only Pharmacists, Nurse Practitioners, and Physicians and above would have access to drugs at any time and even then, they are highly monitored by our state of the art security system.

((OOC: This uniform requirement, like other municipal jobs, is a sim rule.))
All staff are to maintain a professional level of grooming while on duty, this includes piercings, hair styles (pull that long hair back), body modifications and other items such as facial hair and finger nails. ((Uniforms are offered for free in the 3rd floor locker room. It is acceptable to use purchased scrubs.)) You must wear these uniforms while working.
PHYSICIANS, PHARMACISTS, MEDICAL EXAMINERS: can all wear lab coats with either scrubs or Business Casual clothing.
PSYCHIATRISTS/THERAPISTS: business casual or professional dress clothing.
CANDY STRIPERS: scrubs, preferably pink.
GENERAL STAFF: wear business casual clothing
*****No Weapons while on duty, unless you are a guard with the proper Armed Citizen Tag*****

Nurse to Nurse Practitioner: steady, active RP – 100 charts
Intern to Physician: steady, active RP – 15 days, 10 charts
Physician to Senior Physician: steady, active RP – 100 charts. Must possess leadership qualities.

While not considered a safe zone, we do have:
1. 24/7 NPC Security.
2. Keycard/PIN system as a private key with a keycard confirmation on ALL restricted areas.
3. Camera system with fixed camera positions with complete coverage in ALL areas but exam rooms.
4. Motion Sensors in all rooms of the hospital for tracking movement of individuals or groups

If a patient or visitor gets out of line, a fight starts, or someone is attempting to steal property or kidnap and individual, feel free to RP what security would do as well as call the police using the Municipal Network or Crack Den Roleplay group. Exceptions are when individuals have their own planned rp that does not involve the hospital staff.

Those under arrest with the Hathian Police Department (HPD) are also guarded 24/7 by a PC/NPC HPD Officer & are under visitor rules same as if they were at the station. This means that unless they’ve been strictly prohibited from having visitors, they are allowed. Escape/violence against the NPC guard is not allowed without Admin permission. After their medical stay is complete, they are transferred to the HPD cells for their time. Any deviation from this will require OOC discussion between players (HPD LTs, HGH Chiefs, Admin).

HGH Security Explained

Basement: Morgue, Psychiatric Ward/Cells
First floor: Emergency Room (2 beds), Operating Room, Medical Records, and Reception.
Second Floor: OB/GYN room, Nursery, 2 exam rooms for non-emergency procedures, and Recovery Ward
Third Floor: Lounge, Meeting Room, Chief of Staff Office, and Locker Room.
Beds may be limited physically, but IC there are many more. Patients will need to share these and cannot “claim” a bed as their own when they aren’t there.

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