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FDH assisting with charting

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I am excited to announce that HGH will now be allowing the FDH members to chart patients into the hospital on those instances where staff aren't available for RP. This should enable us to have better coverage in those times when doctors aren't around but EMS is! Kudos to Vie Masala for this idea!

Some general rules to follow:

This should only occur if there's no doctors, nurses or HGH staff to treat the patient.

No NPC charting is allowed. A scene must be played out; even if it's a short one.

No charting of your own characters; including alts.

And of course, following sim rules!

Here is the notecard sent out so that you all have it for future reference:

FDH charting at HGH:

Welcome! If you are receiving this, you’ve volunteered to assist with ensuring players receive medical credit by charting them into HGH. We appreciate your willingness to help out the sim, HGH and your fellow players. That being said, here is some guidance on entering charts!

To get started, click the hiring sign at HGH and join under the general staff role. I will mark you as a specialist and note you are FDH on the roster.

To enter a chart, click on a file folder in the exam rooms and enter the player name in the box that presents. Remember, if you don’t see a last name after their name, you must enter “resident” as their last name. Example: (James Matfield or James Resident)

When charting, you fill out the relevant information; most of which can be obtained OOC. Player name, DOB and blood type are commonly asked. It’s also courteous to ask the player what sort of treatment and time frame they are seeking to stay in HGH. Some players may want a quick stay and others want the max offered by the chart system.

Example: Gunshot wound selected from the drop down box generally gives 36 hours. But the player may only want 12 or they may want 72.

Keep in mind as FDH, you will note in the assessment box what you have done prior to them arriving to the hospital. You add in a random NPC physician for the treatment part done at the hospital. You can use google like most of us or talk to the player and see what treatment they want to say they’ve received. Point is to get their chart completed and have them admitted to HGH.

Some basic rules to follow with this:

Do not chart your own characters/alts. This is a sim rule.

Do not chart NPC charts. We only log scenes that are played out. If a player insists on a NPC chart, we always refer them to an active doctor or you can offer to do a short scene for them. At least a couple rounds of posts. This is done to give credit for actual scenes and to be fair to those out there earning that cred the old fashioned way.

Main thing is to follow the sim rules around this. It should offer you some more RP avenues and also help out the players on sim. And if you get froggy and want to advance in HGH and say you are attending medical school, feel free to get with James Matfield!

April 1, 2021 at 8:49 am
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April 1, 2021 at 10:03 am
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