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Legal and social services in Hathian.

Letter sent to the HR department from Theodor Resthoff

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Complaint file - Civil service HR department


Theodor Resthoff - probation officer


HR office - City of Hathian


Office of the major - city of Hathian

Why Verandi - head of the Social Service



In date 08/01 I was suspended by the head of the Social service office Why Verandi.

Since my arrival in the office, she held a biased and hostile behavior toward me, often addressing me in an inappropriate way during work.

She commented about the quality of my clothes with sentences like "I'm afraid my wardrobe doesn't allow for cheap $2 suits", while she was working in some really costly but quite inappropriate clothes for an city representative.

She also tried several time to investigate my private life, questioning my niece about my off work behavior, both in the office and outside of it, inviting her to dinner to further investigate me.

She used to interfere with my work, often questioning me about my decision, even when she had no information about the ongoing case and of the situation.

I was having a talk with a person in probation, which was violating the terms of parole, and attempting to build false accusation against me. This most probably to require to be moved to some other probation officer, which was not strict like me about respecting the terms of the parole.

In the middle of the talk she interfered, questioning my methods and my professionalism, taking the side of the criminal, and suspending me without any reason except some generic issue about procedures. I asked the person to sit in a nearby room to give her time to calm down cause she was beginning to panic at the prospect to risk to be held again in custody. The person was not able to compose the number of her lawyer and asked me to compose the number for her.

I was in the middle of it when Why Vivandi, and another lawyer of the civil service, showed up accusing me to have illegally detained the girl in the room, and to have taken the phone without permission. even when the person explained them that I was just compose a number for her, they did not changed their attitude.

I was sent away without explanations of any kind, and after less than 10 minutes, when I was still collecting my personal belonging

I do not know if Why Vivandi motives was simple antipathy, if she felt herself menaced by my competence or some other hidden reason. Despite several occasions in which I could notice a poor professional behavior and flaws on the management of the office, I was always professional and kind, respectful of any colleagues and irrepressible in my behavior.

I want to let the HR office know that the suspension is based on unjustified and biased reasons, and that I am ready to furnish a clear and complete explanation of my behavior, always in the best interest of the city safety, and of the person under my supervision.


Theodor Resthoff


Hathian, 22/01/2022

January 22, 2022 at 2:38 pm
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January 25, 2022 at 12:00 pm
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