Probation-Correctional Work Casefile - Revised 24 Jan 2022

Casefile Number: COR22012-22HALA

Client Name: Prudence Harper (morrigan2345)

Client Age: 19

Case Particulars:

13th arrest and sentence

HPC-103. Assault on a Police Officer +48

HPC-303. Resisting Arrest +12

HPC-205. Gang Assault +72


Sentence End Date: 24 Jan 2022

Sentence Release Date: 23 Jan 2022

Release Under Probation Supervision: Yes

Release Conditions:

The court has placed Miss Harper under sentence end probation supervision. The court requires her to refrain from criminal conduct and comply with the below conditions related to their rehabilitation:

● Report to the probation officer as directed.

● Permit the probation officer to visit at her home or elsewhere.

● Devote herself to an approved employment or occupation.

● Refrain from owning or possessing firearms or other dangerous weapons such as knives.

● Refrain from frequenting unlawful or disreputable places or consorting with disreputable persons.

● Remain within the jurisdiction of the court and get the permission of the probation officer before making any change in her address or her employment.

● Agree to searches of any or all of her person, property, place of residence, vehicle, or personal effects at any time, by the probation officer or the parole officer assigned. This document being the warrant for such searches if the probation officer has reasonable suspicion to believe that the person who is under probation supervision/on parole is engaged in or has been engaged in criminal activity.


Staff Involved:

Officer Blake Carter (HPD Arresting Officer)

Monica Blackwood (CS Probation Officer)


Pre Release Home Visit Date: 24 Jan 2022

Home Visit Outcome:

Mr Matthew Dune has agreed to house Prudence in a spare room at his home

The property is clean spacious and suitable for release conditions

Mr Dune will assist in supporting Miss Harper and Miss Harper has employment at Master Bates Inn and the Charity Shelter

Release Address: as of 23 Jan 2022

23412 Main Street

District 8

Contact Phone Number:



Revised Release Home Address

32345 Hathian Hwy.

Revision Note:

Miss Dyatlova will now be supporting Miss Harper financially as she is a friend as well as client, she will also actively encourage her to maintain a job

Legal Contact: Claire Dyatlova ((belladonna.darkheart))

Power of Attorney:  Claire Dyatlova ((belladonna.darkheart))


Post Release Home Visit Date: TBC

Home Visit Outcome: TBC

Probation Supervision Completion Date: TBC


Follow  Up Information:

Miss Harper requested a therapy appointment to allow her find out more about therapy sessions and if they will assist her.

Miss Dyatlova has requested to be present at Miss Harpers probation supervision completion meeting and review.



Miss Harper requested an appointment with a therapist, reasons for this were not stated and no medical/mental conditions other than nerves were apparent at interview

Staff Referral?

Kira Blackwood (CS Therapist)


Signed on behalf of Social Services: Mrs Monica Blackwood (CS Probation)

Signed by Client: N/a agreed to rights of attorney

Signed on behalf of Client: Miss Claire Dyatlova (Attorney at Law)



Copy of above sections to be handed to the Probationer/Parolee for their reference.

Whole form to be uploaded to forum in same way as a Social care form.


Witness List:

Officer Alexander Milo (Victim)

Officer Blake Carter (Arresting Officer)

Annie Other Citizen (NPC Witness)


Re-Arrest Referral:

(Information on why the probationer under supervision/parolee needs to be rearrested, usually one or more probation supervision/parole condition breaches)



Alleged small knife always on her.

Alleged sometimes carries a gun



Staff Involved:

(Any HPD, HGH, or CS members involved)


Re-Arrest Referral Officer:

(HPD Officer/s informed of above)