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[Bail Work Case] Bentley Braveheart EXAMPLE

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monica blackwood


Casefile Number: BAL15012022HALA


Bail Applicant Name: Bentley Scout Braveheart (adalineevangeline)

Bail Applicant Age: Refused to answer


Case Particulars:

Arrest 41414 - 07-01-2022

HPC103 Assault on police +48

HPC202 Kidnapping +72

HPC203 Assault with deadly weapon +48

HPC211 Possession controlled substance +24

HPC303 Resisting arrest +12

HPC411 Harrassment +03

Total = +207


Currently on bail pending sentence

Bail paid by Layli Feiri $16,200


Case Pre Release Interview:

15-Jan-2022  Bailed person failed to attend


Release On Bail: Yes

Bail Release Conditions:

To report to the police station daily

Not allowed to carry weapons

Not allowed to go within two streets of the Social Service Building

Not allowed to approach Why Verdandi

Not allowed to leave home after 6pm



Staff Involved:

HPD Tanith Karas


CS Monica Blackwood (Correctional)


Pre Release Home Visit Date:

Home Visit Outcome:

Layli Feiri has allowed Bentley to live with her, she has sufficient funds to support him and there is a second bedroom. The home has a telephone to allow future contact and evening random checks that the bailed person is at home.


Post Release Home Visit Date:

Home Visit Outcome:


(What are the home circumstances, is there sufficient space, are there sufficient funds, are there other issues that either allow or prevent release to the address)

Follow  Up Information:

(Are there also needs for referral to law or therapy, state reasons)




(CS & HPD members to be referred to)



Copy of above sections to be handed to the bailed person for their reference.

Whole form to be uploaded to forum in same way as a Social care form.


Witness List:

Why Verdandi CS (Victim)

Tanith Kara HPD (Arresting Officer)


Re-Arrest Referral:

(Information on why there is a need to revoke bail and rearrest, usually one or more condition breaches)


Staff Involved:

(Any HPD, HGH, or CS members involved)


Re-Arrest Referral Officer:

(HPD Officer/s informed of above)

January 15, 2022 at 11:32 am
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yummy tamale


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January 17, 2022 at 5:34 pm
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