So, I was thinking about a good way to stimulate a good amount of roleplay, and not have one person in 'tenure' for a long amount of time. So you have teachers, we'll use the 'Athletics Department' as an idea. There are four teachers in that department. Once every couple of weeks, a month or so, the the Athletics Department needs to get together and call for a 'vote' to see who represents them on the University Board. The Board will have a representative from each department (No more than 5 or 6 to start) on it, but notably, no one at the 'head' of it yet.

A couple of weeks after every department gets a vote, the board gets a vote to see who they want to function as 'Headmaster', who has the Veto power over anything proposed for the school, or perhaps his vote weighs extra, or, what have you. Another good idea would be that the Headmaster could propose a vote without needing to have it 'seconded' and could make 'Executive Decisions' on smaller things without really needing to address the board. It's all roleplay, so, this can really go all over the board.

Another idea I had with this, is that normally you would need the Chairmember from your department, and the department you want to transfer to, to give you permission to transfer. The Dean could just decide to rip you out of your position and demote you, or even 'threaten to fire' you. Below I have an idea of what a proposed schedule would look like.

December 20th, Voting starts for the 6 members of the Athletics Department to vote for their Chair
Jan 1st, The votes are in, and John Doe takes the seat.
Jan 15th, John Doe, and the other Chairs from the other departments all vote on who is going to be the Dean
Feb 1st, The departments revote for leadership, with the current Dean being unable to be 'voted out'. (Hah, Survivor, School-style. He has the idol!)
Feb 15th, The vote for the new Dean goes through.

Why this is good: Fluctuating IC leadership means constant need to make deals, talk to people, and maintain relationship with alot of people, rather than just a select few. The student body could even get involved, helping favorite teachers to the top in hope of favors later (Ahem, we knew where I was going with this, right?). This also means there could be deals with the other teachers to help support a favored ally, and help to lock out a foe, all in the name of good Rp, of course. This is also good, due to the Staff having more to RP then seducing students, and teaching class - like any place of work, the school should be ripe with internal politicking and back deals.

Why this is bad: Fluctuating IC leadership means that all parties need to take a -very- active role in making sure that things did not change while they were gone. Really, this means little to anyone else but the staff though. I am sure there are other bad things that could stem from this, but I really cant think of it at this time.