CU Firearms and Weapons Guide


Private residences follow the general sim rules regarding firearms and weapons, however Columtreal University/Black Bottom does NOT permit the use of firearms on campus/black bottom without pre-approval by an admin for its use in a scene.

The only exception will be HPD or CUPD who are permitted a firearm if they hold a firearms license, but even those must ONLY be used reasonably as per existing sim rules.

Tasers would be the preferred form of apprehending someone on campus.

As a University campus there are metal detectors in every campus building (some are visible props but even where no visible prop assume they are there.), and CUPD will enforce stop and search, or commit locker or residence searches for concealed weapons as well as other contraband (except on private parcels or rentals).

Any other openly carried potential weapon such as knives, bats, pool cues etc will be subject to confiscation by CUPD and a citation or arrest, unless a reason for having them can be explained.