Welcome to Columtreal University, one of the oldest, grandest and most decadent universities in the South.

Set between the outskirts of Hathian City and the backwaters districts of rural Port Laveau, CU is a liberal, leading arts university.  Its sports team the Looters are famous (or infamous) throughout the region.

Columtreal University primary focus is college roleplay. It is an active roleplay environment and some of our surrounding sims do focus on darker roleplay, gang roleplay, violence and criminal elements. CU players should expect this will sometimes spill over onto campus however it is not our main focus. We ask that any ongoing classes are NOT disrupted by other roleplay events or scenes happening outside the classroom and these should take place out of chat range of the class.

CU Tuition Fees

CU offers free tuition to citizens of Hathian and its outlying regions as part of a "social mobility programme" to give free education to the poorest of its citizens, however the free education only covers a basic High School GED programme. Students studying advanced degrees are expected to get a job on campus or nearby town to fund their education (or have wealthy parents). There are no OOC fees to joining CU or extra application form for existing CD Citizens.  To sign up visit the admissions building on campus
and click to register for the current term. You will need to contact Sabrina Morningstar for your CU roleplay group invite.

(( http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Black%20Bottom/133/144/3012 ))


CU Campus Rules (These are in-character rules with in-character consequences only)

(Please also see the separate thread CU and Weapons)

No drinking on campus if under 21.  Venues that serve alcohol should ask for appropriate ID and will be spot-checked by CUPD at random.


No drugs on campus except medication prescribed by an authorised dispensary such as the Greenhouse in Hathian or Grinders on campus.  This applies to students and faculty over 21 only. 

Campus Police are permitted to stop and search if they suspect possession of weapons, drugs or suspect any suspicious activity, on a person or in a business located on campus or in the main campus buildings.


No public nudity on campus except in designated changing areas.  Streaking will be dealt with by the CU Dean or Campus Police.




Sports are a big thing at CU and the Looters have sports teams for Cheerleading, Football, Basketball, Swim and girls Volleyball.  To join a team click on the TRY OUT button at the respective teams booth located on campus.  Roleplaying a sport can be difficult depending on the activity of the team and so this is more about playing the part of being on a team, but there are playable games located at some sports venues for you to enjoy.  Remember if signing up for a team, team spirit is expected or one of the CU coaches will kick your ass!


To sign up as a Coach visit the admissions building and click on the terminal to register for the term, click Faculty, then Coach.




Students need to eat too and there are plenty of jobs on campus to earn money and keep you out of trouble.  Click the HELP WANTED sign at each of these venues to work, or submit a proposal to lead the group.


CU Witch Way Alley

CU Bleu Wag Bistro

CU Murphys Pub

CU Get Woke Coffee

CU Super Chopsticks

CU Rock Hard Boba

CU Grinders Dispensary

CU Medical Clinic

CU Campus Police

CU Campus Paper


For Teaching On Campus please see the Teaching on Campus thread.