Go Looters! Join an official team on campus.

XThe people count indicates active player the past week. Use the “Map” link to open the World Map and find the recruitment roster on sim.

Athletics Department

  1. Volleyball

    Sign up for the Girls Volleyball team on campus!

    Lead: Kalterine Eales | Map | 18
  2. Swim Team

    Like to get wet? Dive into the depths of the campus underbelly with the swim team!

      Captain Wanted   | Map | 7
  3. Football

    Sign up for the football team on campus! Go Looters!

      Captain Wanted   | Map | 11
  4. Cheerleading Squad

    Not all pyramids were built in Egypt. The squad on campus has a reputation for being fierce and is always recruiting. Go LOOTERS!

    Lead: PrincessPadmie Resident | Map | 14
  5. Basketball

    Sign up for the basketball team on campus!

    Lead: bIawkstar Resident | Map | 7