About Columtreal University

Columtreal University and Crack Den are an urban role-play community and experience in the virtual world of Second Life. Founded over a decade ago, the virtual urban sprawl and artisan community is known for its in-depth creative writing, character development, and story-making.


Columtreal University, nestled in the heart of Black Bottom Parish in the Deep South of Louisiana, is a place where history and folklore collide, casting dark shadows upon the rich tradition that permeates the campus. Established in the early 19th century on the grounds of a former asylum, the ghosts of the past seemingly linger in the air, whispering tales of power, oppression, and secrets that refuse to die.

The town of Columtreal grew around the university, feeding off the lifeblood of academia and youthful exuberance. Brick buildings, adorned with creeping ivy, line the narrow streets, their tall windows staring back at you like the vacant eyes of a long-forgotten soul. The town, steeped in the mystique of the Deep South, is a melting pot of culture, music, and voodoo, a place where the lines between reality and legend blur.

Though the university has a reputation for rigorous academics, it is the party atmosphere that draws many to its hallowed halls. Students flock to the campus each year, eager to partake in the revelry that masks the darkness lurking beneath the surface. At Columtreal, the nights are alive with the sounds of laughter and celebration, but beneath the veneer of youthful abandon, there are whispers of scandal within the faculty ranks. Professors, administrators, and staff, all entwined in a web of secrets and deceit, form a network of power and manipulation that reaches deep into the heart of the campus.

Greek life thrives at Columtreal, and fraternities and sororities dominate the social scene. Their grand houses, built in the antebellum style, are a testament to the grandeur of a bygone era, as well as the privilege and exclusivity that persist to this day. Hazing rituals, initiation ceremonies, and wild parties are the currency of these organizations, and behind their closed doors, alliances are formed and rivalries fester.

The town rallies around the university’s athletic programs, with college football, basketball, volleyball, and swim teams all enjoying raucous support. The school’s mascot, the Looters, serves as a grim reminder of the hurricane devastation and the looting that plagued the area in recent times. It’s a symbol of resilience and the fierce determination of the people to rise above adversity, but it’s also a reflection of the darker side of human nature that can never truly be escaped.

Cheerleaders, their voices ringing out like sirens in the night, lead the crowds in their chants, while in the shadows, secrets are traded, deals are struck, and betrayals cut deep. In the dimly lit corners of bars and the hushed conversations in the town’s cemeteries, the true stories of Columtreal University and the town that surrounds it are revealed – stories of love, lust, ambition, and greed, all interwoven with the folklore and mysticism that has shaped the region for centuries.

In the world of Columtreal University, the line between the living and the dead is as thin as the veil of Spanish moss that drapes the ancient oak trees. The spirits of the past are never far away, watching and waiting, as the next generation navigates the treacherous waters of ambition, desire, and deception that have defined the legacy of this storied institution.

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