LL WAREHOUSES manages all types of Terminal Operations , Stevedores and customs transactions and transportation for their clients at the Docks of Hathian Port. However, LLWs is not the business that thought to be seen as  availing storage locations in the port for the goods in transit or individuals desiring  to rent spaces for their stuff , it was also managed till two years back by an X-military marshal in USA who was belonging to an organized crime network that operates through the legal activities of the LL WAREHOUSES.  LLWs would be involved in activities such as documents forgery, seduction, illegal dumping of toxic waste, illegal trading of nuclear material, military equipment smuggling, nuclear weapons smuggling, organs trafficking, drug trafficking and political corruption.  These perplexed connections and illicit activities , made Its under cover Turkish Cypriot flying ginger Ashlee Redenblack paying a huge price not to disclose the contraband secrets shared with a  hidden entity and other coastal services network organized crime organizations involved. The HGH simple receptionist sought the help of these entities attempting to reveal the fact behind her step -father disappearance after she inherited the ownership of the LLWs.  She still does not know the main beneficiary who would gain the most by destroying that business of her family  at least inside Hathian needless to mention at the outside front .  She needed to move fast and make the proper connections with “THE AGENCY”  one of the main investors in LL Warehouses and untouchable Business Associate with very  strong connections to all what happened at LL Warehouses and around the globe.



Ashlee was sinking in her thoughts as she would look always lately,  totally distracted by the only plan fixed in  her mind , the nightmare at the  26 year red head .  A similar woman in her age and beauty  is enjoying her life , looking for fun and maybe some platonic stories to get herself involved in, far away enough from a burden like that.  Ashlee , on the contrary had no choice .. yet she  was stubborn enough to peruse her dream since the disappearance of her father. She had to take it all over her shoulder and she had to do it discreetly, adding to her stresses another big one. She wishes she can find someone who can support her,  at least to  think with her about her plans . Someone she can trust and find loyal enough.  She was the nearest to her father in this illicit business.  Naturally it was the logical reason why she was selected by the family to stay in Hathian and see how things went over there.  The Warehouses at the port, if not taken care of properly, It would be subject to loss or theft . she remembers well the ways her father taught her how to handle things.  He taught her how to manage the mean people and showed her keys for everyone to use.. but he never told her that she would be left alone doing that and he would disappear without a clue.  Her doubts about the level of trust in people  is very high bearing in mind what she had seen and heard during  the last 8 months she spent working undercover as receptionist in the hospital . No one know what is hidden under this flesh neither the amount of agony she bears.  It would reflect on her social life trying to be nice as she can but she sometimes fails. She starts to inspect every one face and think of it  as a candidate and before she reply a greeting or a node .. she would reply only one question that would drive her crazy all the time  ‘ Would that person fit or not ‘ . She knew the criteria of selection was very critical. Working within smuggling and criminal surroundings was not a pleasure needless to mention the urge needed to have a high sense of security and sense of protection present all the time.  Yes it was her duty to make it work somehow without giving her fragile nature as a woman ,  a beautiful sexy woman,  a chance to miscalculate things.. Else it would mean her end.



She really felt bored with the meaningless and monotonous flirting and teasing that was pathetic at times. The nature of her job would always put her in that position. Of course not at the Hospital but at L.L. Warehouses business where THE AGENCY supports the execution of all hidden operations at Port.  Some clients would really require more than just an eye-candy to be pleased and this the type of hard contracts when the Agency decide to assign Ashlee for soft collection and smooth delivery. She would curse the day she had to run that business on behalf of her father.   That day and with that customer , she was pissed off  , he consumed her like she was not before , till she got what she had to get from him and report back to THE AGENCY. That day she seized the chance to walk on the shore line of Hathian before coming back home. She was looking for something new .. something genuine, a real challenge that would change her life profile even some.  She snipped out of her trance hearing a masculine voice deeply saying “ Excuse me” . It was strong and profound enough to  go thought her ears clearly though the disturbing sound of the waves hitting the shore.  She stopped,  looking at him .. studying his face thoroughly, inspecting his features . Blond hair flying with liberty swaying with  the wind.  Green eyes  that can peer through you reading your insights without effort , piercing your eyes and lead  them to wherever it moves without a word. Reddish swollen lips with a wicked grin hot enough calling for a taste of  their secret flavor.  Broad shoulders and chest reflecting a strong build  with muscled legs and arms and large hands worn with hard work that can easily carry a woman off  or throw her over.  Bowen , was his name .   She could not remember how much time it took her to chat with him .. but all she could remember that at the end , she invited him to share her house and helped him to find a job.  She knew that the Warehouses needed a strong manager to handle the issue she would not be able to handle being undercover but THE AGENCY orders came clear .. either Bowen would be a recruit with new identity forgetting about his past life and work side by side with Ashlee to run the LL WAREHOUSES together and would be confirmed the moment they find him a trustworthy or he would be thrown away out of her life.



LL.WAREHOUSES management kept its operational dynamics for one year now under the Direct Supervision of the Co-owner, Bowen Macrieve. Receiving and sending cargo owned by individuals  or even storing it  was not a problem but all fun was on effect when involved each time with THE AGENCY special operations giving the illegal nature a new run resulting in a very good commission and more money to earn. Bowen and Ashlee managed to ride all smoothly till the day they received a direct phone call from the HQ contact person instructing them to coordinate with one VIP customer and give a special care to his shipment inside their location.  They were made to understand that they became more focused on when -and for some reason -the unexpected visits have notably increased, by  HPD and CSSARO. Since all LLWs operations were coastal in nature , the place was the CSSARO  playground to take care of.  When they were regularly asked to be inspected about  the type of inbound cargo stored for  verification purpose of the legal situation of LLWs transactions,  they were lucky enough at receiving  these kind of warranted visits among the times where the ongoing illicit business was about to reach or sent out of the LLWs premises. The moment they received this last shipment from Columbia a new challenge was placed.

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