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This proposal is a bit different than the others and doesn't follow the standard format. Administration was looking for a new approach and fresh ideas for the HGH - and here comes a concept that might shake things up a little. Please give input, add ideas, and constructive critique is welcome! - Blue

Hathian General Hospital

by Alfie Donardson and Kiyomi88 Resident

We all know that the current shift in the real worlds politics have had a huge impact on the heath insurance and medical industry. More and more hospitals are giving into the ease and stability of privatizing.

With that comes the money and the security of being backed by a corporation. But on the flip side comes the need for doctors to treat with less expensive methods and the idea of patients being 'cash crops' rather than people in need.

It would only be safe to assume that given the climate of how Hathian is, that the hospital would be in need of some sort of backing.

Cue the 'Kota Corporation'. With private heath care facilities all along the west cost reaching all the way down into Florida they set their eyes on Hathian. A big town with enough people getting shot on a daily basis to make it worth their while. They decide to hire from with in the city for the Chairman of the board of the hospital. A face that Hathian will feel more comfortable with to ease any tension or fear of having the hospital run by and outside source.

They seek out recommendations from a well known source in the city and a name comes up. Alfred Donardson. With a background of commercial business experience and a long standing in the city itself its a clear choice.

His job will be to do what is best for the corporation. Make them money. Plain and simple. That involves spreading the word about the hospital as well as making sure that the bills are getting paid.

((OOCly, the Kota corporation would simply be a way for a char without a hospital background to take over the hospital. It opens up the hospital for more RP in the vain of events and introductions to the community. Not to mention possible retaliation from the media etc. It breaths life back into the hospital other than the usual 'your hurt, your treated, go back and play' roleplay. Some Ideas for events could be:

-Blood drives
-Hiring Fair sponsored by the university and the radio station perhaps
-Free HIV screening sponsored by the TT and the Porn Shop or Venus productions
-Internships to College students to help them pay for their college courses and give chars more RP background
-Possible corruption charges later down the road (hint hint)
-Under the table deals with gang members of certain gangs
-Deals with the police and fire fighters for discounted treatment costs for them and their families.
-Charity Drives to feed the homeless sponsored by any of the restaurants and bars in Hathian.

The list can go on and on from there.

In addition to RP events for the whole community we want to offer the current RP employees an interesting and dynamic story line to be a part of that is long term, ongoing, and evolving to suit THEIR RP needs. This is a storyline that offers the employees to choose a side or be on the fence. You love th idea of privatization. That means pay increases etc. Or you hate it! It means the end of treating patients with real and intensive care. Or you don't care! Ether way it brings a nice dynamic. There will be a monthly event for the staff. Either a party or something for them to be a part of. Hell it could even be a protest against the wages or the treatment of staff! We welcome it all!

Part of that story line will be the corruption aspect. While, yes, the corporation would be making sure the hospital stays open they wont be making any improvements that don't directly make them money. Pay increases will be slight and corners will be cut. Some, not so legal. We want to make sure above all else the hospital stays realistic as well. Not all 'high end' like being backed by a corporation would suggest.

March 8, 2017 at 11:02 pm
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