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IC Stuff:

Aria hails from the Mexican state of Chiapas, a region renown for its destitute poverty.  As a resident of Chiapas, there was very little in the way of economic opportunity for her.  So, Aria did what others before her had done.  She found work where she could get it.  Aria became a drug mule and courier for the local drug cartel at a young age.  The pay wasn't great, but, eventually, she became the top breadwinner for her family, her father having fallen out of the picture years ago.  Aria's father was abusive, lazy, and generally unintelligent.  One night, after a few hours of binge drinking, he crossed the wrong hombres and was gunned down a flew blocks away from the small villa that she and her family lived in.  That was the end of the Senesca line as there wasn't a male heir.

Aria's mother, a traditional Catholic, tried to guide her down a better path after the death of her father, but this endeavor was ultimately futile.  Aria had made up her mind that she wasn't going to live and die as her father had.  She wanted more for herself and her family.  She wanted a shot at the dream: the narco life.  As the years went on, she continued to put work in for the cartel.  Her ambitions grew as did the amount of money she was making.

When she came of age, the latina had two choices.  She could either service the local population as a prostitute or she could continue her work with the cartel who had, by this time, taken an interest her as a candidate for future management positions.  She chose the latter and was quickly shipped off the Mexico City where the cartel paid for her to attend Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.  She majored in business and minored in chemistry.  The cartel was grooming her for a position in middle management.

Aria earned her nickname "la Navaja" one year prior to her arrival in Hathian.  The story behind her name is a bit lengthy and not exactly for the squeamish.  It is a gruesome tale.  After she earned her street name, she was tasked by her jefe (boss) to go to Hathian, evaluate the drug scene there, and start up her own extensions of the Zetas cartel that she belonged to.

Aria's presence in Hathian is a test.  The cartel does not provide external support for her except for funding her basic needs and occasionally paying her bail, though the latter is never a guarantee.  She is tasked with proving her worthiness by starting from the ground up and working her way as high as she can go, the ultimate prize being her ascension to the status of drug queenpin in Hathian.

Aria is a practitioner of Santa Muerte, a narco religion where death and violence are venerated.

OOC stuff:

I've drawn from several sources in creating Aria's character.  These include Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands, a game where members of an American special forces team take on a powerful Bolivian cartel, the Netflix series Narcos, and real life narcocultura.  Some of Aria's influence is drawn from a character from Wildlands by the name of Nidia Flores.

The cartel backstory is really just a plot device to give this character some drive and purpose.  Aria may threaten people IC with reprisal from the cartel should they mess with her, but these threats don't have any real teeth attached to them.  She'll be working her way up from the ground without anymore outside influence than is necessary to enrich the plot.

Aria is currently in the process of recruiting people to help her with her main objective, which is to create an extension of Los Zetas cartel in Hathian.  I'm not going to be applying for a soft trial, however, until there is a core of individuals who are interested in being a part of this objective and Aria's criminal record and reputation are more established on the sim.  Right now, she's a wannabee in essence.  Though she has cartel connections, they're no good until she earns some real prominence.  I'm also open-minded to Aria joining up with a group that is already established on sim.

Aria has a Twitter, too! Follow her if you'd like.  She follows back.

Aria always speaks with a thick, Latin accent.  Her English is broken by design as a means of simulating immersion.

Other than that, if you see me on sim, please feel free to approach and/or IM.  I'm very friendly and am up for just about anything.  I really enjoy long, meaningful, heart-wrenching story arcs!

May 10, 2017 at 9:36 pm
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