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Looks can be deceiving; when it comes to Vira Kuznetsov believe this is the case. Despite her well-mannered and lovable personality, she can be dangerous.


Hey Everyone,

I don't like to give to much away about my character OOC, because I love it when people take the time to learn about my character and I theirs. However, there are a few things that everyone should know when meeting Vira.


1. Speaks with a Russian accent.

2. Looks like a model (because she did in Russia).

3. Runs a makeup tutorial YouTube, so recognizable by some.

4. If you have met her brother Alexei Kuznetsov, she is his little sister.


It isn't a whole and if you want to know something else about her just RP it out or ask me OOC if it's needed!



It's been about three years since Vira came back from Russia (where she was born and raised most of her life), but now she's returned at the whim of her father. Deciding to make something of a bad situation she's perusing her dreams and a new career.


The road has been difficult up to this point, she was involved in some heavy stuff back in Russia. The question now is will she end up on that same road here?


They say the demons of our past never really us, but what happens when you are the demon?


((Find out more by roleplaying with me! Hit me up in IM's or just stop me on the streets))

-Vira Kuznestov (fallen.infinity)

April 15, 2019 at 7:08 am
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