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Subject: What kinda son...
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Tanya Latoya Cristopher <[email protected]> Feb 16, 2020 at 10:11 AM
To: [email protected]
... leaves a mother waiting for 1 month after leaving home, without ever sending one notice. My brother Phillip tells me you called him, YOU called HIM, but i big woman and all have to write you an email myself to get and answer? Have i not raised you better? Has my slipper missed your head to often? Or is it simply that hardened that i should've thrown it harder?

How are you doing, my boy? All i heard was that you started to work for some Big Shots. Don't you get your hands dirty! You come from a respectable family in the community, both in New York City and down inna Yard. Do what you have to, but never forget who you are and where you come from. I heard that that little firecracker Kali also moved down there. Last i heard of her is when she died her hair down at auntie Deliahs shop, here at castle hill, still. Let Mama know how you guys are doing, we are all worried about you and your cousins in that horrible place of the Bayou. Our ancestors probably have mass graves there, so you watch yourself.
Your loving momma
Tanya Latoya Cristopher
TLC Financial Consulting, CEO

Cordé Cristopher <[email protected]> Feb 18, 2020 at 2:32 AM
To: Tanya Latoya Cristopher <[email protected]>
Apologies, Queen.
Me just been very busy lately. certain tings agwaan an' me jus barely have time lately fi spend too much time pon writing letters. But yuh can always hit me up pon Twitter. Yeah, me get a job with Lions Company Holdings, as a security guard for a warehouse at the bayou docks. Dem does ship big shot cars from europe to distribute all over di states. Real legal people, wid a strong woman at the head. Did not take long till he recognize me quality and put me up in first class, as Head of Security. And i took Kaliyah in as a Deputy. Sadly Marcus just smoking out he life right now, an' him nah tek no advice from nobody, not by him brothers because dem jut wanna smoke harder dan he. Not from Kaliyah, because dem done finish, long time now. And least of all me. Apart from that Lousiana a cool place. Yuh really wanna see the black Bayour yuh musst go up more pon di New Orleans side, dis place kinda gentrified by Japanese people. But who knows.. Me have a plan fi Draw black people back into Hathian, give dem a kinda cultural centre, like dem does do up in Haarlem and di Bronx, ehknow? Don' worry too much about me, did Phillip mention how much money me send home during the past weeks? Plenty $$$ so things going good.
One Love
More strength and more life!
Your son
Cordé Cristopher

March 21, 2020 at 5:37 pm
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