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((If you see this fully IC then you have bought it in someway - our website - We have good cyber security and ICly if you want to hack and put anywhere for free we'd like to discuss first!))

The music for this would be

But the lyrics would have been changed to Mr Robinson and would be sung by a female vocalist

The credits would finish rolling as the theme song ended, the camera would slowly pan to the office door the title on the door would read until Mr Dick Robinson, CU Professor. Footage would be cut as the movie goes on, from static to handheld camera with some zooms here and there, the work wouldn’t be perfect but would show a reasonable level of knowledge.</span></p>

James Matfield says, a little red in the face before growing serious. “Leighton, come on in and have a seat” he says, laying on his best professor voice to set the scene. “We need to discuss your performance of late.”

Buffy-Ella Millet : cue, Buffy-Ella. Dramatic entrance.  Striding up to the desk with slow, determined purpose.  The light glinting off the pink decorative spectacles.  "Mr Robinson, my performance is always the BEST.  Every teacher says so.  Mr Stokes says I have the perfect brain for being a rocket scientist."  She smiles prettily at the camera with a vague look which shows she'd never be a rocket scientist

James Matfield narrows his eyes and puts his hands together in front of himself, “That’s not true, Leighton.  You may be doing well in your sexology class and your cheerleading classes but you are failing health and gym.  I’m afraid I don’t see how you could pass at this point.” He says, mock frown face after saying it.  “I’m afraid you’ll have to repeat the class or give up your dreams of rocket science!”

Buffy-Ella Millet : "Noooooo" Buffy, as Leighton lets out a cry of despair.  A shake of her head which causes her blonde tresses to fly.  "The rockets need me, Mr. Robinson.  What can I do?  I'll scrub the floors.  I'll - ew - clean the toilets.  I'll.   Do.  Anything."  Buffy-Ella, as Leighton, says with earnest.

James Matfield “Anything you say?” he smiles a little…well the best sexually deviant smile he could give.  “Well it just so happens that for a select few…” he stands up and moves to the side of the desk, “I offer some extra credit.” Que movie title and knowing glance at the camera before looking back at her, “But you have to be willing to put the work in.  I’m talking about hands and knees and doing whatever I say.” He says, stepping closer.

Buffy-Ella Millet  gives an innocent, wide eyed look to the camera. Then up to James.  She nods a little.  "Thanks, I'm so needing this Mr Robinson.  I'll be all kinds of grateful.  So grateful that you'll give me an A.  With gold stars."  She licks her lips pointedly.

James Matfield “I bet” he says, reaching toward her top.  Does he just rip it open? This is his friend’s child? At the same time, look at the size of those tits?  She had to inherit something large from Ellis, right? He would put his hand on her head at that point and start shoving her toward her knees, “You need to be on your knees to start this assignment.” He says, his other hand whipping out his mostly erect cock…no doubt from thinking about her boobs; not Ellis to be clear.

Buffy-Ella Millet  feels his hand press on her head and she almost instinctively goes to reach for it, to try and snap his fingers then remembers she's not ellis trainee slayer, shes acting. The camera might catch her twitch a little.  She'll kneel and as he pops his cock out gulps inwardly.  "Holy hell Mr Robinson, kit's bigger than my head!" she exclaims in her perky voice, inwardly thinking "shit."

The edit would look abrupt and have to cut into the blow job part, the cut made to look like this was the best blow job ever.

James Matfield felt a bit awkward for a guy about to get blew by his friend’s daughter.  But, it’s a blow job…should feel good right? “Well, that’s why they call it extra credit.   I need to see how much extra of me you can take to see how good a grade I can give you at the end.  Let’s start with the oral portion, shall we?  Work that shaft for me and we may just raise that grade yet.” He says, hand holding his cock and hand still on her head as he gently moves her head toward his now bulging member.  “You’re doing fine” He whispers in support, tilting his head so the camera can’t see.

Buffy-Ella Millet  silently cursed Victor....all this taking so long was making her feel like an amateur and okay, she was, but she hated feeling like one.  "I'm fine" she says cooly, grabbing the water from Victor and gulping the whole thing down in one go.  She'll toss the empty bottle to him,  and with a steely determined "ready?  Action" and she'll open her mouth and even before the camera is rolling, attempt to swallow James dick in her mouth.

James Matfield nods, “Thanks?” he says to the dude giving him a thumbs up for his penis.  James would normally make a hell yeah face when a girl puts her mouth on his cock but she had just downed a cold bottle of water. James would make a bit of a face, “Fuck.” He hisses but quickly tries to recover. Maybe it wouldn’t look bad in post? Sure, his face would look strained but maybe a good strained? Hopefully they do CGI here.  He shoots Victor a get out of here look and then puts his hand back on Buffy’s head, “Oh…yeah, that’s the stuff” he mutters, trying to guide her and follow her motions if she starts making any to recover the scene.

Buffy-Ella Millet  almost pukes on his cock, but she was a determined little blonde and even though slavers start dripping down her chin and onto the floor and despite the fact she's almost gagging she keeps at it, attempting to lick her tongue up and around his circumference "be my lollipop, Mr Robinson.  I'll suck you til your gooey!"

James Matfield didn’t know if they could edit out puke in post like his fucked up face.  “Oh yeah, that’s right” he says, feeling all sorts of awkward again as he throws in the cheesy porn dialogue, “Now take all of it. You are being graded on performance after all” he says, placing a hand on his hip because what else do you do with your free hand while holding the girl’s head? “Mmm, nice student.”

Buffy-Ella Millet  was starting to get a feel for it though, regulating her breaths through her nose, her head bobbing up and down as she started to calm her initial gung-ho enthusiasm.  "mmm feed me....." she can be heard saying as she sucks on his cock slower now, taking a cheeky glance to the camera, flicking out her tongue and licking slowly.

James Matfield would refrain from looking at the camera as tempting as it is.  He kept thinking of looking at Jelly to see if he is doing fine or not.  “Oh yeah…you are making me so fucking hot.” He says, pulling off his barely there shirt and tossing it to the floor.  “Your oral skills are definitely improving already.” He mutters, his cock firm again finally in her mouth.  How many minutes is it appropriate to let her suck him off before moving off to fucking? She said short porn, right? “That’s good enough baby. Stand up here and let’s get you out of that shirt.  It’ll be easier for your next exercise.”

Buffy-Ella Millet  can't see a damn thing as her fake glasses steamed up during that performance so as she stops sucking, she'll knock them onto the floor, blink a few times with her big blue eyes, glad she could see again.  She'll stand slowly in front of james, her skirt rustling and then begin to pop open the buttons of her shirt pretty quickly - pretty sure they could slow it down later.  She lets it fall to the floor, her tits bouncing, tweaking one of her nipples with her stiletto nails so it goes plump and red.  "Exercise is good for the brain!" she declares, the ever so bright Miss Leighton Onme

James Matfield opts at that point to go ahead and kick off his shoes and slide his pants off, “Wow, those are pretty nice.  You may be failing, but you got a set of D’s going on” he says, figuring the cheesy dialogue can only help the porn. He then nearly trips trying to step out of his pants. He manages to catch himself and would reach to start massaging her tits if she didn’t stop him.  Hell, even he half expected her to stab him because it’s an Ellis child. If she didn’t stop him, his hand would slide down to unfasten her skirt

Buffy-Ella Millet : "Do two D's make an A?" Leighton wonders, moaning as he caresses her boobs.  Buffy-Ella does fight off the instinct to brain him one but the struggle won't show on her face.  She'll slip out of the skirt, be left in her stockings and heels.  She looks at James almost shyly, but then grins, cocky and confident with her cheerleaders body.

James Matfield is amazed at the look of the girl in front of him. Little Buffy has grown into a fully fledged, hot Slayer.  Not to mention those abs? He wouldn’t pick a fight with her on the street, “They don’t but we can get that grade up.” He says, reaching to guide her toward the desk and attempting to lay her down on it. His back would be turned to the camera now, exposing his ass. This is probably where Jelly will come in with her handheld to get a better view? If Buffy followed, he would lean in to suck on her boob briefly before attempting to go down on her on the desk.  Oral in porn is good, right?

Buffy-Ella Millet  feels the tingle as James sucks on her boob.  The first stirrings she actually might enjoy this more than she thought  Getting more into her role now, she peeks at the camera again with a perky smile "I hope the grade cums soon!" Then she lets out an actual, genuine, surprised "OH!" as James goes down on her.  She hadn't been expecting that.  "OH MR R!  OHMYGODJESUSCHRISTINHEAVENAMEN!"

James Matfield knew the Viagra had finally kicked in a little when his cock stayed firm without jazzing everywhere.  Jazzing? JIZZING.  Stupid autocorrect.  “Mmm, I think you’re doing just fine in this class now” he says, tongue flicking out to massage her clit now. How many minutes of oral works in a porn? This isn’t a date after all.  He continues to massage her clit now, tasting her fluids and working over her labia and clitoris to put it medically. He moves a hand in and starts fingering her as well.  His cock throbbed below him now as he imagines actually penetrating her.  Maybe they won’t need the lube if she really enjoys it! He detaches his glasses along the way

Buffy-Ella Millet  hadn't actually experienced this before ... and being insensitive to mostly external stimulus, like heat or cold, or pain - this was an entirely new revelation.  Her eyes widen but she doesn’t forget that she's playing a role.  She'll hook her legs around james neck and thrust her pussy up into him, letting out a loud cry "AYIIIEEE, HOLY MOLY!" Buffy-Ella squeals.

James Matfield continues to lick and massage her clitoris and labia majora and all that good stuck down there.  She seemed into it but he assumed it’s just her acting.  “Mmm, you taste so good” he mutters in classic porno dialogue.  A few more moments of dramatic licking, moaning and slurping, he would climb up between her legs and get into position, “I think you are earning your grade well but now it’s time for your final test. Are you ready?” he asks, aligning his cock with her pussy and making eye contact with her like an actor should to be sure she is ready in the role as well.

Buffy-Ella Millet  really gulps this time as she's moved over. Well, this was it, she thinks.  She looks to the camera, bites her lower lip hard so a small trickle of blood drips out.  "I want FULL marks Mr Robinson.  Now give me that EXTRA credit!"  She'll grip the sides of the desk in preparation, drawing in a big inner breath.

James Matfield lifts her legs up to his shoulder. She seemed to be okay with it so he would proceed.  She had taken the oral and given the oral.  Vaginal sex would be a different story.  She grips the desk and he chimes in with the dialogue, “Full marks indeed.” He considered a sentence involving her getting an A from a big O but didn’t think that would work.  He places his cock between her folds and slowly works his way inside her; unsure how much sex she has had at this point.  He decided to be gentle either way as he entered her! His cock would be hard as he slides into her walls and his body…sweaty? "Mmm I have a feeling you'll be getting the full load in this class."

Buffy-Ella Millet  steels herself.  Not expecting it to hurt.  Nothing ever hurt her.  She feels an uncomfortable pressure though as James will push into her, his sweat helping lubricate it as Buffy also didn't seem to have perspired at all.  She was super tight though.  Almost like she'd never done this before.  She'll look at him, and whisper quickly "you're going to need to do it harder, like uhm, this" and she'll thrust back against him with all her strength, a loud popping sound as she moves audible in the room.  Through this she calls out "Mr R, you're SO huge.  Hmmmmm.  Hit me with your teachers stick!"


James Matfield didn’t expect to be deflowering his best friend’s daughter so when she helps him go in harder, his eyes actually would look surprised.  “Mmm, yeah that’s right” he mutters, his body shivering a bit at the feeling of entering a fresh, tight pussy.  His cock would pulsate as it grinds in her tightness.  Should he apologize for being her first? “Yes, the full load” he comments again, starting to fuck her now, gliding in and out of her pussy and picking up speed and depth as he does.  Guys don’t make much cheesy dialogue, do they? “Mmm you’re so tight.  Bonus points, Leighton” he growls, hand moving to grab her boob firmly as he fucks her harder and deeper now.


Buffy-Ella Millet  vagina will be making squelching sounds, a small trickle of blood and fluid discharging from her.  She almost thinks of stopping them again so she can clean it up, but they were kind of in full flow now.  She feels the thrusting of James inside her like a sword sticking into her and making her body shake and her legs vibrate.  "OH GOSH!  GET GROINY WITH ME.  OH DO THE UHN!!!" she squeals loudly, her mind trying to get to grips that she was having sex now.  Trying to remember the porn moves she'd seen.  Being a cheerleader she smirks, moves to do the actual splits and yells joyfully "how's this for an A?"


The movie would be cut and angled to avoid the blood, the video would seem a little rushed but work just about.</span></p>

James Matfield could feel the extra moisture now and would glance down and spot the blood.  He mentally expected that since she is a virgin. “You’re…working on that A…almost there” he groans, ass bouncing in the air as he fucks her royally porn style.

">Buffy-Ella Millet  keeps her concentration on hammering her body against uss until he motions to cut.....she stops and lets out a whoosh of breath, attempting to uncurl her long legs.  Her head was a little dizzy and as she glanced down, saw she was bleeding a lot.  James likely knew from her medical records she had congenital analgesia so wouldn’t even notice if she was really hurt or not.  "Sure thing, was that uhm, okay?" she glances at both James and Lisa.

James Matfield nods again, “Poseable. Got it.” He says, figuring Jelly would tell them if she doesn’t like what they are doing.  He waits until she is done cleaning and then would look to Victor to escape the shot.  He assumed she’d want to start filming them changing positions so he moves back to where he was between her legs and motions the camera to start again. “Turn on over here, Leighton. Let’s get you that final grade” he growls and if she rolled over, he would enter her from behind and start fucking her again.  The left over blood could be a good lubricant. And James did recall her medical history so it helped him feel a bit better about not hurting her. Maybe in a future film, he could like, get really rough with her?

Buffy-Ella Millet  coughs a little to clear her throat before the camera starts rolling again, satisfied she was as clean as she was going to be. Her insides felt sticky and wet and that would be just fine for what they were doing next. She follows James motion, being posed, then closes her eyes briefly, summoning her character. On cue Leighton gasps as he presses inside her. She squeals. She bucks and thrusts back against him, her boobs jiggling under her, her sharp nails digging into the sides of the desk causing a screeching sound. "Hmmm oh gosh! MR YOU'RE SO DARN BIG. DRILL ME WITH YOUR PENCIL"

James Matfield didn’t know as many porn lines as Buffy.  Hell, he didn’t remember much about his first porn. He did however, focus on trying to make it look good from his end, “Mmm, fuck yeah. You feel so tight, Leighton. I may have misjudged you.” He says, fucking her like a professional amateur pornstar now.  “Fuck yeah…take all of it you filthy cheerleader” he moans, finally giving her ass a big hard slap to try to leave an impressionable red mark and if she didn’t stop him, he’d give it another and another.  She’d no doubt have to fake the pain. That’s assuming she doesn’t take it as an assault and stab him.

Buffy-Ella Millet  will feel his weight pressing on top of her, pressing her down onto the desk.  When he slaps her hard she takes just a fraction of a second before yelping "OW! OW! It hurts so good Mr Robinson.  Jesus" as he fucks her she sobs   "Jesus Loves you!  Oh Oh!"  Buffy-Ella will rock back and forth on the desk, the solid oak creaking a little under their vigour.

James Matfield resisted the urge to laugh at the delayed ass slapping reaction.  He raises a confused brow as she talks about Jesus.  Okay, Buffy would need a lesson in dirty talk.  She hadn’t been with a guy until now so maybe she’d work on that as she gets more experienced? Or they can teach a class on it. His cock is thrusting harder inside her this time, working over her wet walls. “Ugh” he moans, thrashing and fucking harder and hoping his raised eyebrow earlier wasn’t caught on camera.  “This is it…final’s time” he growls and would rock into her with a little spray inside her but he’d pull out at that point and start jerking the rest off on her ass, “Fuck!” he hisses and then once her ass is covered and shots are taken by the camera, he’d give her ass a firm smack to smear the jizz in a little.</span>

Buffy-Ella Millet  lets out a loud moan as he starts pumping over her ass.  "oh OH OHHHHHH" she yells and as she feels his hot cum spattering over her, tries to refrain from lertting out a louder "ew."  Inside she reaches her hand back, spread it over her skin like she's really enjoying it.  "mmm shower me in your cum.  tastes SO good. yum" and once he'd lert out every last drop will spread her cheeks so the camera gets a good view of her newly fucked vagina.

James Matfield would finish spewing on her and smacking her ass a little more before stepping up off the desk, “Mmmm, Miss Onmee, You have changed my opinions of you.  I can no longer fail such a lovely, talented young lady. You get an A plus.” He says, smiling now and reaching to give her another smack on the ass assuming she stood up, “You’ll make a fine rocket scientist just yet. But remember, there is always next semester and I’ll be keeping my eye on you!”

<<cue closing credits>>

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