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(( NSFW warning: Might contain images later on that are NSFW/NSFL. Triggers might include descriptions of self-harm, suicide, rape, abuse, murder. Don’t like mature subject matter? Don’t read. ))


My therapist told me to keep a dream diary due to how frequent I have lucid dreams. That was over a year ago but I’ve decided to start now. Better late than never?

(( A few pages would be left blank before the first entry. ))

A violin grows into a tree if buried.

I didn’t dream 11/14 and 11/15

Symbols: Trailer park, sidewalk, sun, grass, violin, tree.
Location: Presumably the trailer park in Hathian.
People: Several unknown figures.
Sensations: Heat, fatigue.
Sounds: None/silence for the most part.
Emotions: Melancholy.
Key themes: Rebirth, redemption, loss, acceptance?

I am young (in my teens) and I live alone in a trailer park. I exit the trailer that is presumably my own and walk down the sidewalk. It is summer and I am sparsely dressed. I can feel the heat of the sidewalk on the bottoms of my bare feet. Several people are gathered silently at the exit of the trailer park, blocking my exit. The grass in every lawn is wilted, yellow and visibly unkempt. When I finally reach the end of the sidewalk, two or three people stand aside to let me through. They are gathered around a small tree sprouting out from between a large crack in the sidewalk. I knowingly tell them that I buried a violin there. Many of the people start to cry, but none of them seem willing to leave the scene.

Notes: My adoptive family forced me into playing violin when I was in school. I have not touched a violin in years and don’t intend to. I am not sure what this dream means but it has been reoccurring for several months now and things play out a little bit differently each time I have it. At some times I am the one crying. One time, no one would let me through to see the tree but I knew that I had buried something.

I might continue this. It's hard to say. I will be keeping the diary at my bedside for as long as I remember to have it. Might end up putting this online.

November 16, 2017 at 8:37 am
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