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The video starts out grainy like the previous one, so grainy that it's difficult to make out what it is. But soon it focuses in, and a front door comes into view. The walls are creme colored, and the door was large and white with windows along the side. Off to the right of the screen, a large Golden Retriever is laying on the floor, chewing on a bone. A small, orange tabby cat walks up to him and nuzzles his back leg before flopping down on the floor next to him. A few figures appear in the windows next to the door, and the dog jumps up and begins to bark like crazy, though like the previous video, there is no audio. The cat jumps up and takes off like a bullet, exiting view of the camera. The door opens, and in walks Zipporah and Hunter. Zipporah has a small baby in her arms. He was a little chunky and had a tuft of brown hair on the top of his head. He has tanned skin, similar to his mother's. Hunter was carrying Sera, their three year old daughter. Her skin is a lighter, but she had pitch black hair that went down to her shoulders. Aashir, the Golden Retriever, jumped up on Zip while wagging his tail to and fro. Hunter puts Sera down and Aashir goes over to her and begins to lick her face. A bright smile appeared on the girl's features, then she wrapped her arms around the dog's neck for a tight hug. The dog sits there, allowing her to hug him while he just smacks his tail against the hardwood floor. Off to the side, Zip raises Rayan, their infant son, up in the air and grins at him. The baby flailed his arms and legs, and Hunter comes up to give his son a pat on the head. Zip would pull Rayan in closer and kiss at his face before placing him in Hunter's arms. She goes over to pick Sera up, and they go their separate ways. The video fades.

Five seconds later, another clip starts. It's of Zipporah in the kitchen, with her back towards the camera. She's wearing a pair of black shorts with a white tank top, a white apron, and her hair is up in a bun. She was cooking, her right hand gripping a wooden spoon as she stirred the dinner she was preparing for her family. Amun, their orange tabby walks into the kitchen and heads straight for the woman. He rubs up against the back of her calf, and Zip looks down at him with a little smile. She leans over to give him a good scratch on the head before returning to cooking. The video fades.

Another clip begins. This is of Hunter, who's laying on the couch in their living room. The video darkened, and the light from the TV lit up part of the room. He was still, and had a small bundle laying on top of him. He appeared to be asleep with Rayan laying upon his chest. Off to the side of the screen, Amun and Aashir zip by, with Aashir chasing Amun. Shortly after that, Sera runs by. Two seconds later, Zip ran by as well. The video fades.

The forth clip begins. There's pink, and a lot of it. Zip and Sera are sitting off to the side, playing with a small doll house. Little Barbies occupied Sera's hand, and Zip had one as well. The two ladies seemed to be talking to each other. Sera speaks, and then Zip throws her head back in laughter, a broad smile spreads across her face. She then leans forward, her hands going for Sera's face. She grabs onto it, then gives her a big kiss on the cheek. Shortly afterwards, they resumed playing with the dolls. The video fades.

The final clip begins. Everything is dark. The only source of the light comes from the moon peering through the windows. It's a different room, one that hadn't been shown before. There were chairs off to the sides, and then a white crib up against the far wall. Rayan's head could be seen. He was asleep. The video fades, but quickly returns. Back in Sera's room, the girl is curled up in a ball in her bed, one of her bears wrapped tightly in her arms. On top of her bed, Amun was sprawled out. Black takes over the whole video, then a message appears. 'Bang bang, you're dead.' The message remains for 5 seconds, then the video ends completely.

Start at [IC] Caverly Family 1, stop at Bang Bang, You're Dead

July 8, 2015 at 2:14 pm
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