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Event Name: The Witching Week


Event Type: Halloween Sim-wide Community Event


Event Time/Duration: October 24, 2018 - Oct 31, 2018


Event Coordinators: Poe Henusaki (Etchasketchy Resident, also found on Kurtissketch Resident during the event), Vita Crow (atrophy resident)


Event Description:


The Crow Family Funeral Home & Crematory will be hosting a live, public seance approximately 1 week before Halloween (time/date TBD) in which the community is invited to attend. The seance will temporary bridge a gap between the living and the dead, by mistake, and shroud all of Hathian with the potential for ...hauntings.


During this week long event, player characters that have died in the past have the option to ‘haunt Hathian’ up until the end of Halloween. All PC ghosts must follow the event rules, however, or may be asked to sit out the rest of the event.


PC ghosts are encouraged to haunt the entire sim and involve as much of the community as possible! NPC ghost ‘stations’ will be set up around various parts of the sim and all players are welcomed to opt-in to utilizing these lesser ghosts, for spooky fun RP.


The event will culminate with the community coming together to attempt to appease the player character ghosts via a costume ball at (the location TBD) to draw in the ghosts, and send them back to hell via voodoo ritual.



Do you want to participate? Here are ways you can!


Do you have a player character of your own that has died previously (and is still dead) ? If so, you can play a PC ghost in the event! You must follow all event rules, and we ask that you be as active as possible on this ghost, for the week.


Does your business want a NPC ghost to haunt it for the week? If you’re the owner of a business in CD, and want to have an NPC ghost haunt your establishment for the week, please contact an admin/staff or event coordinator BEFORE Oct 24, in order to get an NPC ghost script object placed at your business. (The Grind is currently not allowed to be haunted as per Event rules.)


Do you want to participate in the hauntings as a living character? Participation is opt-in, but there are lots of ways you can help!

You can acknowledge and react to NPC ghosts

You can acknowledge and react/engage in PC ghost activity

You can help figure out how to IC’ly use a voodoo ritual in which to send the PC ghosts back to the afterlife, during the finale costume ball at the Plant building, on Halloween.

You can help IC’ly coordinate the costume ball at the Plant building


Is your character a musician or in a band or a DJ? They could help


Does your business want to sponsor a costume ball? This could help


Does your character know voodoo? You could help with the final ‘solution’.


Are you a reporter IC? The best way to make this event extra engaging, is to have reporters covering the odd rumors and paranormal activity!


Are you a paranormal believer? Perfect time to really feed into those quirky IC beliefs. This also would be a great time for wiccans and pagans and, ya know, crazy people, to really blossom.



Event Rules/Guidelines/Caveats:


- Ghosts can't physically attack human players


- Ghosts taking part in poltergeist activity can't do anything huge. Small things like knocking glasses off counters etc are fine, but nothing ridiculous like attacking someone with an axe.


- All ghost activity is OPT-IN. People playing ghost characters can and probably will be ignored by people who don't want to take part in supernatural roleplay. If ghost characters encounter this, simply role with it and presume the ghost isn’t able to be noticed etc., and move on.


-People can't impersonate other people's dead characters without their approval.


-Ghosts will have a title created in the story weavers group so they can wear it while haunting - they must have this title. Peri or Alex can help with this.


-There will also be scripted objects around town that contain atmospheric event information for the event (such as ghost NPCs that are haunting an area, or spooky things taking place in an area)


-There will be NO haunting in or around the Grind, to avoid possible references to Pia.





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