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So I've been considering writing up a blog for James where he well..writes in a blog, since it would be fun to do and maybe even further increase the immersion that I feel with Mr. below I have placed the history of James along with a short entry about the current happenings of his life in Hathian.
No actual 'blog' entries from James himself, but rather me making a summarization of his life.

Comments are appreciated, and let me know if you'd like to see it continue with James beginning to write up a blog!

James was born in Detroit, Michigan on the date of October 16th, 1980 to a poor elderly woman in what was without a doubt, a piece of shit trailer home with no working utilities, so you could say that in the beginning of his life, James might as well have lived in a junkyard. Shortly after he had grown old enough to be able to walk on his own, he was practically enslaved by his own Mother and forced to service her around every corner. Finally after James had reached the age of 11 years, he became sickened with his Mother enough to muster the strength to murder her in her sleep before retreating out of state to escape being accused of murder where he lived in various cities throughout the continent in a struggle to survive which included him leading on numerous robberies of stores and homes alike, in addition to street brawls.

Almost immediately after turning the age of 18, James found what he believed to be his true calling; the US Marines. For approximately two years, James served in the Marines as a petty soldier until finally one day a SOCOM Officer arrived in his station and recognized the ever growing potential that lingered in young James, only to follow that very recognition by offering James the opportunity to become enlisted into the MARSOC division, which of course he accepted without a moments hesitation. Through the eight years James served with this division, he overtook a large number of tasks which involved oversea operations - both covert and front-line - and even the tasks that were to be completed on base, most notably the enthusiasm that made James strive in the fundamentals of martial arts to acquire a Sixth Degree Black Belt in the MCMAP program shortly after obtaining the rank of Master Gunnery Sergeant.

What was it that led James into being a measly Manager at a bar in a town that the Government doesn't give two shits about, though? He had the life that most Marines could only dream of acquiring. Respect and power were easily given to James in the Corps, and he was in charge of his own task force entirely.
What actually brought it all down was the last operations that James led out to eliminate a covert terrorist outpost that had been established in the heart of the United States. The mission succeeded, but it came at a great cost when a man pulled a grenade just before falling to his death only for it to explode shortly afterwards, immediately killing James' best friend at the time who was standing directly within the explosion radius, and leaving James permanently scarred since he was just outside the radius and various bits of shrapnel managed to pierce into the Officer which was also happened to be the very cause for James to lose his right eye. After months of recovery, despite that he only had one eye at his disposal, James was reassigned onto his old task force to lead those that still survived, but he had other plans in mind.
For another month or so, James waited out a plan that he had previously devised in his head to obtain revenge; believing that it was the fault of his Task Force that caused the loss of his best friend, and his own eye until finally executing the plan, which involved James assigning each of his subordinates to a lone mission of their own, only to make certain that each mission ended with James waiting at the end of the line to eliminate them one by one while making it appear as though they were killed by a terrorist, and officially declare his revenge scheme completed.

After this had been finished, the courts caught onto what James was doing and attempted to place him behind bars for being a traitor to the very code he swore to uphold years prior to the event, but without sufficient evidence to declare James guilty of the crime they could only charge him with conspiracy and dishonorably discharge him from the service, stripping him of all his accomplishments and his rank while sending him back to be a good for nothing citizen in the slummy town of Hathian.

Now it has been approximately four years that James Weaver has taken up residence in the small town of Hathian. Through his adventure, James came face-to-face with countless trials that tested every aspect of the male and his ability to survive in any environment and although it was a troublesome road that begun with him dirt poor and wearing cheap pieces of fabric - so worn away that it would have been better for him to merely parade about the town naked - in addition to many visits to the hospital and initially being labeled as an egotistical idiot, he's somehow managed to push his way through it all and turn over an entirely new leaf after not too long for the sake of his survival.

To the present date, James is the entire opposite of what he was analyzed as when first arriving in Hathian. Rather than dirt poor, he's become one of the wealthiest men to occupy the town..maybe he even made number one on that list, but who could really tell? It's not like anything of that sort was recorded in town. He also used to be a playboy that fucked literally anything that came his way, but as of recently, he's become married to a local doctor that came as..quite the surprise given that the relationship began as him and her fueling a constant stream of hatred between each of them and marrying - or even dating each other - was the LAST thing they could have possibly considered. Even that relationship went down a bumpy road, though.
Finally, his wife did in fact manage to tame him and now every beat of his heart is kept running purely by the love that he feels for his wife.

On another note, there is the criminal life of James in contrast to how it was before. Both young and old James have a name infamously made of themselves, but it's the meaning behind each that is what has significance. Prior to present day, he could NOT stay out of jail..quite literally. It actually had begun to be called 'home' by James after some time due to the weekly visits that he was paying to the cells because he was in fact, simply too dumb to know how to not be caught. Aside from that, about every gang in town deemed him worthless as everything that the guy seemed to do was get caught, and..what good is a criminal if they can't stop themselves from getting caught?

Surely, not much should need elaboration in regards to how this has taken a turn as it's something that about everyone who's familiar with James is well aware of..but the visits to jail have come to an almost complete stop and while there may frequently be warrants hanging over his head on frequent occasion, it seems to take weeks before he's arrested..if at all. In regards to the significance of a criminal that James possesses in town, it seems that he's acquired the label of being not only an informant, but also a brute and an asshole. James has been of use to all the currently-present gangs of Hathian on at least one occasion, but his allegiance has been granted to only one of them now and in his eyes - all the others don't exist. The Zero's are the only ones he gives two shits about any longer.

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