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Christian is Back, and better(or worse) than ever! Fresh off a bad breakup of years, he's out to look for revenge on anyone and anything he can. Or find someone new. He intends to get better but we all know how that goes....

    <li style="text-align: center;">Name: Christian de la Rosa
    <li style="text-align: center;">Age: 31
    <li style="text-align: center;">Skills: Psychology, stalking, medical knowledge, diagnoses of mental illnesses, computer hardware and some software.
    <li style="text-align: center;">Languages: Castilian Spanish(First), English(Second), Russian(Shaky third)
    <li style="text-align: center;">Status: Poly, pansexual, divorced and single.
    <li style="text-align: center;">Occupation: Forced into early Retirement. Disabled due to a brain tumor.
    <li style="text-align: center;">Disturbances: Believes he's possessed by a demon, bipolar, crippling anxiety, addicted to various drugs.
    <li style="text-align: center;">When unwell; Stalker, rapist, sadist, hears voices, volatile, self destructive, paranoid, quiet, talks to self.
    <li style="text-align: center;">Medicated and well; Affectionate, trusting, clingy, trust issues, parent PTSD, water PTSD, gun PTSD, blood PTSD.
    <li style="text-align: center;">Very sexual and kinky, loves to feel pain and be degraded with the right person. Can be dominate for the right person but is not a preference.
    <li style="text-align: center;">Transgendered; On Testosterone. Top Surgery, clitoral release surgery. Basically his clit is just a small cock and he still has his vagina.
    <li style="text-align: center;">Scars; Mesh of scars on the backs of his hands. Tiny, done over time with a thin wooden rod as a child. Various self harm injuries; burns, slice scars, tracers down his veins from shooting up.
    <li style="text-align: center;">Surprisingly good teeth and skin. Clean for now, but suicidal and disturbed. He tries to remember to take his medicine but he forgets sometimes.
January 2, 2020 at 7:47 pm
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January 8, 2020 at 12:40 am
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