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Friday, May 5, 2017
Holy shit, this city is a goddamn paradise, compared to Detroit (Not that I've ever been there), I'm surprised this place even has a functional department and imagine my luck when I found out that I was to be transferred to this fucking department!

Right, this city may be a dump but goddamn, some of the people here are cute, I'm pretty tempted to start selling prime meat again but who to contact about that? Huh... I guess I'll find out eventually.

Anyways, this cute Asian bitch.. or was it Korean? I can't tell the difference, rubbed all over me like a cat caterwauling in heat, she wanted to be my partner, and pretty much begged for a bit of play time with me. Imagine my surprise that she's a pre-op like myself, I plowed her hard inside a toilet stall. Heh, imagine that, a high ranking officer getting plowed by a freshfaced rookie.

After that, I met some cute blue haired girl who introduced herself as Lily and we got dispatched to some crime where some chick stabbed some poor bastard to death with a broken wine bottle, she kept screaming 'Don't touch me', 'Don't touch me', etc. She pretty much snapped, maybe she needs to be sent to the funny farm if you ask me.

May 5, 2017 at 6:27 pm
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