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((This is going to be an audio journal for Mae 'Bird' Sung. She has severe brain damage and Broca's aphasia. Recorded on her phone, it would be accessible to anyone who would catch hold of it. OOC, I enjoy acting, so I thought it would be fun! I'm going to put transcripts below the audio links for those who'd rather not listen to my voice, or have hearing trouble.))

"Mae. Out of cage. Free. Still in promise. Vow... vow to Green. Vow for family. I take songs. Take from birds. Birds first, then... then bigger birds. I will... take their songs, too. I dont have a song. Not yet, but... but soon. She give an' take. Eye for eye.

Went on... hunt. For songs, with... with Esme. Didn't get song. No. Eyes... fire, water. Clean, though. Back... home. Home. Home now. I hope.

Try... words. Speaking dif... difficult. Try. Goodbye."

September 13, 2015 at 12:28 am
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