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annaclamoureux resident


So I thought i'd pop this in here.

We're looking to get some more plots going down at the Rub n Chug.  We'll be doing all the background rp etc but I thought i'd advertise in here ooc to start things off.

I'm looking for an assistant manager to help me out down there, ideally to be in an opposite time zone to me.  I'm a Euro RPer but anyone interested in working on some great stories then find me out or reply in here.

So anyway the other thing i'm interested in starting is some RnC 'Live' Cam shows.  The idea came IC and OOC from The Devouring cam event, though in the first instance we're going to keep the Cam shows consensual.  So to help with this i'm looking for the following people.

1.  Technical/computer geek types that can help set up the 'payment' system for the Cam shows.  I'm happy oocly things may not go smoothly with this or not whatever.

2.  Performers!  Are you ICly an exhibitionist then we need you....our aim is to use a group to RP like the Devouring did. More details to follow, but expect your sexcapades to be VERY public.

3.  Voyeurs!  For a price you get to watch...and participate there'll be an IC chat in the group.  Again more to follow.

To the Devouring members who organised the Cam event can you hit me up in world, i'd love to talk about the group and how you ran the event so I can use what you learned to help with this RP idea


- Thanks Masu (Annaclamoureux resident)

July 7, 2016 at 1:16 pm
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