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There have been a few complaints in the past couple of weeks regarding the OSMC when it comes to their member numbers in a single RP scene. I’m going to take a few moments of your time and try to break down how we view this and how you, as players, might aid us in the future to keep this from becoming an issue worth further attention than a simple addressing on a forum.

We have a total of nine people that are either patched in members or are prospecting with us to become patched members (meaning they are on a trial basis with our ‘gang’). Most of the time we do not walk or ride around town without at least one other member at our side. This has nothing to do with not wanting to be singled out but much more to do with the fact that we work more like family so we aren’t often alone.

We strive to make sure that any scene we are in is as equal in numbers as we can make it. If there are three of us in Lou’s and two of you approach and start some IC fight we have one of us sit back and watch, have a jammed gun, get a sudden text on their phone saying that they are needed at X location, etc. If you come armed, we keep our armed tag on. If you come unarmed we may keep our tag on but we try not to draw a gun and keep things to fists, bottles, pipes, whatever happens to be around in the immediate area to use.

We do not get in IMs or Skype and tell our fellow OSMC members that we need back up so that they can stop what they are doing and join in so we have no chance of losing. If we contact any other OSMC member it will be in character via texting or phone call and we give other players a chance to see that text/call and either interrupt it or make one of their own to gather more members. We have no problem at all if you can’t get a hold of more people to come saying that our text went unseen or our call went to voicemail, etc etc.

If we are three on three (or some other equal number) out in the middle of the street and it just so happens that more of our members show up because they were walking down the street on their way to another location and saw what was going on please feel free to IM someone already in the scene and ask if we can keep the numbers down. There are a lot of ways we can have those approaching people not see the scene. Again, phone calls, texts, ‘shoot did I leave the stove on at home?’, etc that can get them to turn around or join in but only just watch and not participate.

If we do text/call for backup and due to a slow post order they show up way too fast just IM and tell them that you would like a couple more PO rounds before they join in. We are all totally OK with this and will respect the fact that sometimes POs are way slower than the walk/drive it takes to cross town.

We are not at all here to God Mode or Metagame. We are here to RP, to have fun, to advance storylines, to incorporate more people into our RP lives and just have an overall blast. I want to honestly thank those people that have brought to our attention their concerns and thoughts as that is the only way we can improve or explain the situation. Please continue to do so. If you have any further concerns the IM door is always open. I hope this helps clarify some interaction with the OSMC going forward. Thanks for reading this far. See you in game.

August 16, 2017 at 7:15 pm
Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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