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Rub n Tug
By Lolliknox Resident

TYPE: Official

SLURL: Bourbon St.

BACKGROUND: In all honesty. I want to keep the well done theme that not only Max but Jack before her worked on hard for the Rub n Tug only I would like to bring it up, a little more modern. The place will always be know where those could go to get a massage with you know, a happy ending. I don't want that to be the only thing it is known for. As Lolli has had a background in a sexual nature and is friends with Max, it seemed like the best pairing for her to take it over. I plan to keep promoting through twitter and via in world which is where Lolli would be found more often then not as she no longer has the bath house and finds herself lost on where to hang out in the town. Also making more connection to those in the RLD that she already knows. Keeping up on notices and having employees a part of event planning is a big things, I never like to throw anyone idea to the wind. Surprisingly Lolli is a very welcoming character that can lead to many other stories for all on sim. I want to keep the underground thoughts most look at the RnT with but add a little mix and flare to it. This is something both Max and Lolli talked about IC also as they had formed a friendship and Max reached out for her on the idea.

UNIQUE: The RnT is always just looked at as a seedy place. I want to change that idea with events. Not just a place to go for extra waxing though I have no interest on changing that part of it, as it is the RnT. The place will also be neutral to all factions, any beefs/violence/robberies done to the place will be met by Lolli herself.

EXPERIENCE:I did have the bath house for some time. My stories took me away from it and honestly I did not have the money to keep up for sim (Yeah we know how that can be xD ) But I loved being able to weave other stories with people I may not have because of the place. I already have thoughts on events and would love to work with other owners.

IDEAS:I would like to reach out to them not only IC but OOCLY as well so they can come in not just for an interview but for orientation. I don't know if others do this but I plan too, to help them get in a better grove of the RnT and sim. But also I would be not just inside the RnT but outside as well trying to snag attention towards the place (Not rudely but like trying to pull others out of an rp..IJS!)

OTHER:I do not want to do anything over the top for the re opening because, well then it is always hard to top. Something simple as a party, introducing the new place. Maybe little giveaways with little -party favors- to give away. Something to show we are there and that there is much, much more to come!

May 15, 2018 at 9:13 pm
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May 16, 2018 at 8:35 pm
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May 16, 2018 at 8:45 pm
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