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Name:   Maya Alyona Volkov

Alias:  Бугимен (Bugimen) Russian for Boogyman

Race: Russian

Professions: Secretly Trained Russian KGB, Now Tries to live out her days Finally Getting away from it.

Status: Romans Wife

Launage: Russian Accent but speaks English

Age: 18

Height: 5'6

Weight: 130

Eye Color: Green

Hair color: Platinum Blond or what ever she Dyes it

Body type: Thick and Curvy

Blood Type: AB+

Persona: Calm Content, Normally High On pot.

Special Markings: On her stomach, she has the words Romans Slut as a Scarification from her Daddy Dom/Husband...... A Scar on her right shoulder from a Gunshot.


Carries:Butterfly knife OR Various Blades sometimes Cellphone Couple Hundred in Cash














Any questions Feel free to Privately IM

When Maya was born she sadly was ripped away from her family at a young age, The KGB In Russia always kept an eye out for the gifted children to train them into Weapons of Assassination or Spies. Maya showed promise, she was dauntless and lacked empathy un-remorseful for her actions. Once the KGB took her they trained her putting her through horrid training for a child. Once She hit 10 years old they set her in front of a man and a woman with a gun in her hand the leader told her to shoot the couple in the head.. Maya did so without a second thought did her first kill at 10. Seeing the promise she had they trained her even harder till she hit 16. They took her to a room tied her up and removed her Womb so she could never Birth a child as an assassin should never be able to do.. Once they finished they stitched her up and tossed her out into the world to strive on her own, with a passport, money and a suitcase full of weapons she traveled to the U.S. Where she was Later on Adopted into a family who had a daughter named Mika. Maya and Mika Got along great though Maya had to hide her true self from Mika there was just something about her new found sister that helped Maya learn a thing or two. Maya wasn't the goodie 2 shoe like her sister she still took on contracts on the side without anyone knowing, killing men, women, and even kidnapping children. What ever she was ordered to do she did it. Until the day Mika graduated college, Maya and her set off on their own.

One Faithful Day Maya was contacted for a contract the target. A man named Roman Aka Hunter..Maya set off. Once she found him in his home putting a gun to his head telling him to beg for his life in which she loved it when people begged for their life. It was one of her favorite things about killing people. When he didn't. and instead ended up disarming her Maya was shocked, They would brawl in his apartment with him eventually getting the upper hand but instead of killing her he would capture her and hold her hostage. Intrigued that someone like him being untrained could over power her she grew a liking to him. Over time he did as well. Lo and behold she became his being they were both just as twisted in the head. Now Maya being his wife and submissive she carries out his orders. From Trafficking, Kidnapping, torture or just roughing someone up to teach them a lesson.


August 27, 2017 at 7:32 pm
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