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No Death. Any Killing of Lolli will be my choice and made OOC.
No Mutatlation.
Any Rape scenes must be approved first.
Any Fetists must be approved first. I have hard limits on fetists I will Rp.
No Underage sexual scenes.

Height: 5'3   Weight: 124lbs
Hair Color: Always changing. Eye Color: Slate Grey.
Tattoos: Pink Roses with leafy designs across her whole body with a little garter belt tatted on her thigh that covered a few nasty scars.
Jewerly: 7/8th Gauges. A half moon choker she is never without.

Growing up in a rich well know family was hard. The light to always be perfect on you.
But, behind closed door was another life. Her family was a sick one, she had been use to it after so long.
She felt herself slowly turning into the darkness of them. The violence, the abuse, So.. she did the only thing she could think of and Ran. She was only 13 when she left home. She changed her name, her looks. Anything and everything so hoping no one would recongonize her. She lived on the street, in homes, and in random beds of people she couldn't remember. Hoping to run from the memories of her family yet any time something dark happened, She felt herself being pulled into it.
At age 18, she found The Lifestyle. A place she could show her dark side in more ways then one. She had Masters and Mistress that she had lived with but once they started to get close she ran. She just recently came into Hathian. A place she heard no many ask questions about you and somewhere she could just be. It was a added bonus that she didn't think her family would ever think of this area. Now she works odd jobs trying to save up to maybe open her own buisness if she decides to stay.

At the most $40 in cash.
She carries no purse to draw less attention.
Normally carries a decent size knife on her. Tucked into some part of her outfit or Hair.

Bubbly little spit fire. A little girl with a little dark side kept in lock and key. Not many being able to draw it out of her. When her mind is set, there is no turning back including she doesn't back down from any fight. Stubborn as Hell. All together she likes to keep her buisness to herself but still likes to enjoy life.

August 13, 2017 at 6:46 am
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August 27, 2017 at 3:13 pm
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