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So, I thought it would be fun for people to post some of their funniest moments in RP. Things that left them unable to stop laughing and such. Would be fun to read other people's experiences and have a good laugh.


[08:34] Heinrich Liam (chaoticinsanity) looked to Cail, then to Porkins.....then back to Cail.......then back to Porkins. He was a bit confused that the man didn't move. He'd never seen the man turn down food! Hell, he'd seen the man pick lint out of his belly button and have a free sample! The HPD trained their dogs right for once! Well he had already insulted the man, so he figured "What the hell, lets add some insult to injury." He'd step back, his eyes staying on Cail, and he'd place his foot on the piece of bacon. "Oops" he'd say in an innocent voice. Sure Porkins might be insulted at the waste of food, but could he handle total desecration?

[08:39] Caileigh Kharg (faeydra.aluveaux) shook her head slowly and tried to console Porkins by gently reaching out to rub circles against his back. "He threw it knowing you'd never get to it in time. He took advantage of your heart condition, Porkins. He's a terrible human being who throws away food, because you know those kids in Uganda aren't starving or anything! I mean he could have offered it up to Food for Kids, the Angelina Jolie foundation," she said to Porkins with a slow shake of her head. Then Heinrich added insult to injury and went ahead and stepped on the piece of bacon. Porkins let out an anguished cry that was simply inhuman. Undiluted despair ripped from the depths of that fat man's soul. HIS SOUL HEINRICH, HIS SOUL! How could he?! There was no holding back Porkins now, his fat grubby fingers, still covered in chorizo and mild salsa stains wiggling forward as he stumbled haphazardly toward Liam. "BAAACCOONNNN!" suddenly erupted in an explosion of sound that had Caileigh flinching as his yell echoed through the corridor like
[08:39] Caileigh Kharg (faeydra.aluveaux):  some battle cry. Should she charge?! Was that meant to be CHARGE!? She had no idea. She just stared eyes now wide as saucers as the fat man comically bumbled his way forward, one fat, earth shattering step at a time.

April 19, 2017 at 6:31 am
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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